“Must’ve drank too much Jägermeister”: Gilbert Arenas fires away at Dennis Schroder for possibly snubbing NBA teams in Germany’s favor

Gilbert Arenas (R) reacts to Dennis Schroder (L) throwing shade at NBA teammates
Gilbert Arenas (R) reacts to Dennis Schroder (L) throwing shade at NBA teammates

In the 2023 FIBA World Cup, Dennis Schroder and Team Germany went on a spectacular run that saw the country capture its first FIBA title. En route to the win, the team knocked out heavy-favorites Team USA, before going on to defeat Serbia in the Finals.

Throughout the course of the tournament, Dennis Schroder continued to put on stellar performances, leaving fans and analysts in awe. Considering prior to his 2022 EuroBasket run last summer Schroder had been left without a team, many praised his story from NBA outcast to FIBA MVP.

After the win, Dennis Schroder seemingly threw shade at NBA teams, calling Team Germany the best team he's ever been on. That drew the attention of Gilbert Arenas, who was quick to respond on his "No Chill Gil" podcast, where he took aim at the 'Man of the Tournament'.

In addition, he also took to his Instagram story, where he wrote that Schroder “Must’ve drank too much Jägermeister” following the win.

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“We know that if you’re the number one option, obviously the team ain’t that good if you a six, seven, or eight option in America all right. But I get it though, I would be just like that too, you know,"
Gilbert Arenas Instagram Story
Gilbert Arenas Instagram Story

Gilbert Arenas' advice for Dennis Schroder

For Dennis Schroder, the win for Team Germany came on the heels of a number of remarkable performances. Throughout the FIBA World Cup 2023, Dennis Schroder averaged 19.1 points per game on an impressive 43.5% from the field.

After leading the team to the gold medal at the World Cup, Schroder is entering his first year with the Toronto Raptors with tons of momentum. With that being said, Gilbert Arenas has some advice for the guard on how to enjoy himself without rubbing any fellow NBA players the wrong way.

Reception For The German National Basketball Team
Reception For The German National Basketball Team
“All right, so y’all enjoy this sh** right now Dennis boy. Stay off it all right, stay off your horse man. God damn, just celebrate, shake it and drink it, whatever you want to do out there in Germantown, Germany but don’t bring that bull**** over here talking about this is the best team that I possibly ever been a part of."

When the 2023-24 NBA season starts, Schroder will be looking to bring some of his championship mindset to a Raptors team that could surely use it. Between the departure of head coach Nick Nurse, and the team's underwhelming 2022-23 season, the Raptors will have high hopes from him.

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