NBA Trade Rumors: Houston Rockets fielding offers for John Wall from multiple teams, including the LA Clippers

John Wall with the Houston Rockets
John Wall with the Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets are fielding offers for John Wall from various teams, including the LA Clippers.

They have been in shambles ever since their superstar guard and MVP James Harden forced his way out of the franchise last season. From annual trips to the NBA playoffs, they then fell to the worst record in the league (17-55) after he departed. During the Harden saga in the offseason, they also traded Russell Westbrook to the Washington Wizards in exchange for John Wall in a straight point-guard swap.

Now the Houston Rockets have realised that John Wall doesn't fit in their rebuilding timeline, so a trade was inevitable. The two parties mutually decided for trade. Wall agreed to participate in the training camp, but refused to play any regular or pre-season games.

The Houston Rockets are under pressure to complete a trade for him. But after the James Harden mess last offseason, they are willing to consider any deal.

The Rockets have been fielding offers for John Wall, including from the Clippers, Heat and Pistons, per sources. After taking a major PR hit for the James Harden trade, the Rockets aren’t rushing into any deal. One Houston exec: “We have to win this trade.’’

The three teams interested in Hall, as mentioned by NBA Analyst Mitch Lawrence, are the LA Clippers, Miami Heat and the Detroit Pistons.

The Clippers are going to be significantly undermanned next year, as Kawhi Leonard is going to be absent for most of the regular season. Meanwhile, the Heat are constructing a legitimate championship-contending team with Jimmy Butler, Kyle Lowry and Bam Adebayo. So Pat Riley might pull the trigger on a blockbuster trade.

And finally, the Pistons are another up-and-coming rebuilding team that needs veteran experience on their roster.

NBA Trade Rumors: "We have to win this trade" Houston Rockets executive on John Wall deal

John Wall with the Houston Rockets
John Wall with the Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets have completely embraced their rebuilding phase, and many would suggest they have bounced back well after James Harden departed.

They drafted a sensational scorer in Jalen Green who is projected to be an All-Star in the league. They also have a blossoming talent like Kevin Porter Jr. on the roster. The two young guns would run the backcourt, while 25-year-old Christian Wood starts at center. So a 31-year-old John Wall coming off an Achilles tear simply doesn't fit in the Rockets' timeline.

John Wall and the Houston Rockets have agreed to work together on finding a new place for him to play.He will not play for the Rockets this season, per @ShamsCharania

Wall has to play for a team capable of competing for championships, and Houston is not the place to do so. Along with the three teams mentioned by Mitch Lawrence, Kendrick Perkins appeared on ESPN's The Jump to suggest the Philadelphia 76ers and New Orleans Pelicans as viable destinations as well.

The 76ers want to get rid of Ben Simmons, and they need a new point guard in exchange. Meanwhile, the Pelicans just lost Lonzo Ball to the Chicago Bulls, so they are in the market for a point guard as well.

However, ESPN Senior Analyst Zach Lowe talked about why John Wall's massive contract might be an issue for the Rockets. He said:

"What do rebuilding teams not like to do? Give up draft picks. And I think that's the issue the Rockets are going to face because....John Wall is owed a $100 million almost over the next two seasons. To find a home for that contract, for that player is going to be really hard."

Lowe further added that big contracts like John Wall's are often bought out by the franchise, or the teams that can acquire them simply don't have use for them. He also added the OKC Thunder as an option because they have cap space and have become a "point guard rehabilitation center".

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