OKC Thunder vs Philadelphia 76ers Game Results and Highlights: Top 5 Viral Moments (April 2)

Oklahoma City Thunder v Philadelphia 76ers
OKC Thunder vs Philadelphia 76ers Game Results and Highlights: Top 5 Viral Moments (April 2)

Following a 29-game absence, Joel Embiid's comeback to the Philadelphia 76ers' lineup marked a notable development before Tuesday's matchup against the visiting OKC Thunder. Fondly dubbed "The Process," Embiid's return injects substantial firepower into the 76ers' roster.

Oklahoma missed the services of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander on the roster due to a persistent quad issue. "SGA" has now been absent for three out of OKC's last four games.

Philadelphia held a 25-22 lead after the first 12 minutes, propelled by the performances of Embiid and Tobias Harris. However, the absence of Tyrese Maxey occasionally caused stagnation in the 76ers' offense. Cam Payne, tasked with filling Maxey's role, faced the imperative to elevate his performance.

In the second period, Oklahoma City dominated as its defense confounded Philadelphia. The Thunder's bench bolstered the offense, enabling the visitors to seize a 54-44 advantage as both teams headed into the halftime break.

OKC Thunder vs Philadelphia 76ers top highlights and viral moments

#5 Joel Embiid hits the shot over two defenders

Joel Embiid showcased his unguardable prowess when the Thunder deployed two of their top defenders to the left side's low block. Despite the defensive pressure, he adeptly faced up, executed a smooth pump fake, and patiently waited for the Thunder's defense to settle before effortlessly sinking the jumper.

#4 The 76ers show off their 'tiki-taka'

Positioned near the high post, Joel Embiid commanded the attention of the entire Thunder defense. With astute precision, Embiid orchestrated a precise pass, threading the needle to locate Nicolas Batum cutting into the paint. Batum, in turn, swiftly found Kelly Oubre Jr. for an easy basket, leaving the Thunder defense momentarily frozen in response.

#3 Josh Giddey with the perfect fake pass

Continuing their fluid ball movement to exploit openings, the Thunder executed a strategic play, with Josh Giddey stationed near the right wing. Demonstrating his savvy, Giddey deceived Buddy Hield with a convincing fake pass, causing Hield to commit in the opposite direction.

Seizing the opportunity, Giddey drove into the open lane and smoothly executed a floater to secure the score.

#2 Aaron Wiggins completes the defense to offense

Following a block on Paul Reed by Wiggins, the Thunder initiated a fast break, locating him on the right wing to initiate an attack. Despite pressure from two defenders, he executed an incredibly difficult acrobatic layup, completing the transition from defense to offense with finesse.

#1 Joel Embiid with the clutch steal over Josh Giddey

In the clutch, Joel Embiid had the biggest play of the night with a defensive play, as he did not fall for Giddey's crossover and perfectly timed his swipe using his wingspan to get the steal and lead the fastbreak to get fouled and seal the game in 76ers favor.

The 76ers capped Tuesday's win with a 109-105 score.

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