Patrick Beverley cringes on fines by NBA & fans mercilessly troll him: “Feels like a push in the back doesn't it?”,  “Another fine incoming lmao"

Los Angeles Lakers v Phoenix Suns
Los Angeles Lakers v Phoenix Suns

Patrick Beverley is back on the court with the LA Lakers after serving his three-game suspension. On Twitter, Beverley revealed his feelings about the fine the NBA levied on him.

Beverley is one of the most expressive players in today's NBA. He's known for his on-court grit and toughness. His feisty nature has also landed him in trouble for various reasons in the past.

When the Lakers visited the Phoenix Suns last week, things on the court escalated quickly. After a foul was called on Devin Booker for fouling Austin Reaves, Deandre Ayton came over and stood over Reaves for a good amount of time.

Beverley didn't like the subtle intimidation by the Suns' center and retaliated by pushing Ayton.


Beverley was resultantly ejected from the game and issued a three-game suspension. Yesterday, the defensive-minded guard made it known that he had to pay a fine for his actions against the Suns' players. It's clear that Pat Bev wasn't a fan of getting fined by the NBA for defending his teammates.

Got that deposit today. And boyy I tell U @NBA Yal don’t play no games with them fines sheesh🤬🤬🤬

NBA fans were quick to comment and trolled him on Twitter. Here are some of the best comments.

@patbev21 @NBA Feels like a push in the back doesnt it?
@patbev21 @NBA Another fine incoming lmao
@patbev21 @NBA well if it isn't the consequences of my own actions!
@patbev21 @NBA How do you feel about the fact that Booker almost scored more points in 3 quarters than you have all year long?
@patbev21 @NBA DA averaging 26/14 on 70% shooting since your shove. Thank you.
@patbev21 @NBA maybe you should work on your game instead of shoving players and you’d make more buddy. Known more for pushing and hurting players then anything lol.
@patbev21 @NBA This be you every time every time someone has their backs turned
@patbev21 @NBA Stop pushing people in the back
@patbev21 @NBA We gone fine you next if you don’t start making shots
@patbev21 @NBA They should fine you every time you take a shot.
@patbev21 @NBA Nba player gotta tell his children Christmas may look a lol different this year you can have a PS5 or and IPad Pro not a PS5 and an IPad Pro lol
@patbev21 @NBA Pat bev if the nba did play games with them fines
@patbev21 @NBA hows the respect you getting from the Lakers now Pat? they talking about trading you already 😂
@patbev21 @NBA Im seeing you paid nearly $300k in fines this season alone. That could’ve been invested collecting interest somewhere. Somebody must not like money
@patbev21 @NBA Thank you for pushing DA in the back, making him All-NBA this past week! 🥰
@patbev21 @NBA Maybe stop pushing people in the back then? Doesn't sound too hard surely 🤷

The good thing for Beverley is that the Lakers are starting to get wins this season, thanks to the incredible performances of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook. Los Angeles will look to get another win as they take on the Milwaukee Bucks tonight.

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The LA Lakers could trade Patrick Beverley soon

Los Angeles Lakers v Denver Nuggets
Los Angeles Lakers v Denver Nuggets

The Lakers front office hoped to get tough defense and tenacity when they traded for Patrick Beverley over the summer. While they did get excellent defense from the guard, he's been hurting their offensive flow this season.

Due to this, the Lakers management is exploring a deal that could send Beverley away.

Jovan Buha of The Athletic reported that Los Angeles has started to explore the possibility of trading away a few of their current players. According to the report, the Lakers are considering three options.

The first is to trade Westbrook for future assets. The second is a trade package of Pat Bev and Kendrick Nunn. The final option is a separate deal for the aforementioned three players.

The Lakers’ updated timeline on beginning to explore trade options is Dec. 15 and they are weighing three different paths, sources tell @jovanbuha:◻️ Trade Russell Westbrook◻️ Trade some combination of Pat Beverley, Kendrick Nunn and picks◻️ Two separate deals

The question now is which option the Lakers could execute before the trade deadline expires. Buha reported that the organization is leaning towards the second, which involves Beverley.

@jovanbuha @TheAthleticNBA The Lakers are leaning toward option No. 2 or 3 at this point, sources tell @jovanbuha.Los Angeles would still retain the possibility though of following up with a larger Russell Westbrook deal later in the season.More…

It only makes sense to trade Patrick Beverley since he's been struggling on offense this year. He's only making 26.8% of his field goal shots and 23.4% of his three-pointers.

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