"Praying for the absolute best": NBA star LeBron James holds breath as Browns' Nick Chubb suffers injury setback against Steelers

LeBron James reacted to Cleveland Browns star Nick Chubb
LeBron James reacted to Cleveland Browns star Nick Chubb's gruesome injury.

Despite playing in Los Angeles with the LA Lakers, LeBron James hasn’t stopped rooting for the Cleveland Browns. The Akron, Ohio native is one of the Browns’ biggest and most loyal fans over the years.

On Monday Night Football against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland’s new campaign could be in deep trouble following a gruesome injury to Nick Chubb. The running back was carted off the field after the said incident.

Replays showed that the injury could be devastating, which prompted “King James” to say:

“DAMN MAN!!!! Nick Chubb. Praying for the absolute best”

Based on the clips that have become viral, it doesn’t look like Nick Chubb will be coming back anytime soon. It might be one of the worst injuries in NFL history.

The Cleveland Browns are trying to win their first two games to open a season since 1993 when they went on a three-game winning run. Cleveland eventually stumbled to finish 7-9 and still missed the playoffs.

Following Chubb’s horrific departure, the Browns rallied behind quarterback Deshaun Watson and backup running back Jerome Ford. They combined to score a touchdown and a two-point conversion to grab an 11-7 lead. Pittsburgh’s Chris Boswell made a 52-yard field goal to cut the deficit to 11-10.

The game still has roughly seven minutes left to play in the second quarter. Cleveland will try to win one for their injured star running back who had 64 yards and 10 carries before the injury. LeBron James would also want the Cleveland Browns to get the victory, but he is more concerned about Nick Chubb.

LeBron James told Peyton and Eli Manning that he’s a Cleveland Browns fan

LeBron James together with the legendary Peyton Manning and Eli Manning in one show was must-see TV. Back in 2021, the three were on Monday Night Football to watch the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Dallas Cowboys.

The Mannings were there to give their unique and expert analysis of the game. James, who used to play football, also had his input during the game. The “Chosen One,” who was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003, had this to say when asked which NFL team is his favorite:

“I’m a hometown guy, I’m a #Browns fan. I grew up a Cowboys fan but I’m with the Browns, I think they are going to be really good this year, I’m excited”

LeBron James watched the Cleveland Browns start the 2021 season with a 2-1 record but finished 8-9 and missed the playoffs yet again. The Eagles and the Cowboys did make it to the postseason that year.

Browns fans are not strangers to excitement at the start of the season but only to be disappointed in the end. After Nick Chubb’s injury, this season might be a scenario James and the Cleveland faithful have often seen.

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