"Random drug test inbound" - Kawhi Leonard looking insanely swelled in recent snap has NBA fans buzzing

Kawhi Leonard shows impressive physique in latest photo posted by the Clippers
Kawhi Leonard shows impressive physique in latest photo posted by the Clippers

While Kawhi Leonard is frequently compared to a robot, a recent photograph has sparked a new perception among fans, who now label him a muscular superhuman. A photo posted by the LA Clippers on X (formerly Twitter) shows the superstar in phenomenal shape.

During a recent practice session, Leonard was captured in a photograph showcasing noticeably swollen arms, drawing attention to his well-defined arm muscles.

Fans couldn't help but notice his impressive physical shape, with some playfully suggesting that the league might take a drug test very soon.

Kawhi Leonard is having a strong year for the surging LA Clippers, averaging 24.2 points, 5.8 rebounds and 3.5 assists in 34.4 minutes per game. The Clippers have won eight straight games and are 16-10 on the season, good for sixth in the Western Conference.

Leonard is yet to miss a game this season, marking his longest streak of consecutive games played since his tenure with the San Antonio Spurs.

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George react to James Harden's 'vintage' performance

Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers cruised to a commanding 151-127 win against the Indiana Pacers on Monday. The standout performance of the night belonged to James Harden, who dazzled with 35 points.

He notched a career-best achievement by scoring 21 points in the fourth quarter, sinking four 3-pointers within a four-minute stretch that hyped the Clippers up.

In response to Harden's dazzling display, Leonard commented that it was thoroughly entertaining to watch.

“It was very entertaining," Leonard said (per Tomer Azarly). "It was like I paid for some seats tonight. I’m happy to be on this side of him being hot. I’ve seen it a lot being on the opposing team. But tonight it was amazing to watch."

Meanwhile, Paul George said Harden showed glimpses of his vintage self.

“That's vintage,” George said (per Tomer Azarly). “That's vintage James right there. I remember the days of having to match up against that. Once he gets going, he's the best at creating space & creating off the dribble. Watching it on his side now, it's fun to watch.”

Their winning streak encompasses victories over notable opponents, including the Golden State Warriors, Denver Nuggets, Sacramento Kings, Utah Jazz, Portland Trail Blazers and the New York Knicks.

Up next, they are set to take on the Dallas Mavericks, OKC Thunder, Boston Celtics, Charlotte Hornets, and the Memphis Grizzlies to close out the year.

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