"Rich is always pushing LeBron narrative" - Chris Broussard reveals why he believes Michael Jordan is GOAT despite his affiliations to Klutch Sports

Chris Boussard weighs in on NBA GOAT debate, naming Michael Jordan as the greatest player of all time (Image credit: Imagn)
Chris Boussard weighs in on NBA GOAT debate, naming Michael Jordan as the greatest player of all time (Image credit: Imagn)

The NBA GOAT debate sees Michael Jordan and LeBron James stand alone as the two frontrunners in the eyes of many fans and analysts. Despite many players both past and present indicating that rather than compare two players from two eras, we should appreciate greatness, the debate continues to rage on.

On one hand, Michael Jordan's six championships and two-way play has many fans of the mindset that there will never be another who can come close to the Bulls legend. On the other hand, many also believe that James' longevity and success across multiple teams gives him the edge in the debate.

This week, on an episode of House of Strauss, longtime analyst Chris Broussard weighed in on the situation. As he explained, he's represented by Klutch Sports, the agency founded by LeBron James' close friend Rich Paul.

Nevertheless, he believes that Michael Jordan stands along in the GOAT debate, and despite his ties to James' camp, he has no qualms about voicing his opinion.

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"I'm going to say Michael Jordan's better. Um, and like you said, now I am represented by Clutch with UTA, and I talked with Rich Paul a good amount. But, and Rich, you know, Rich of course is always pushing the LeBron narrative, but you know, I think when you speak your mind, people respect you."

Check out the clip below, beginning at the five-minute mark.


When Rich Paul weighed in on the GOAT debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James in 2023

Of course, when it comes to the debate regarding the greatest NBA player of all time, it's no surprise that Rich Paul believes LeBron James deserves the nod. As previously mentioned, the pair have been friends since long before James was apart of the GOAT debate.

Nevertheless, rather than citing stats or achievements to support James' case for the Greatest of all Time, Rich Paul offered another point of view. While on an episode of Gil's Arena with NBA veteran Gilbert Arenas in 2023, Paul weighed in.

As he explained, LeBron James has always been compared with Michael Jordan, byt Jordan never found himself in the position James is in.

“I just think LeBron’s antlers is in platinum and Michael’s may be in gold. Why? Because when you think about it, he had to be compared to Mike. Who did Mike have to be compared to? Right?”

Back when LeBron James became the first player to cross the 40,000-point mark last season, many fans suggested that the debate between James and Jordan was over. As others pointed out, those who don't consider James to be the greatest player of all time at this point, like Stephen A. Smith, likely never will.

Nevertheless, as we can see, it's clear that the discourse surrounding the greatest player of all time will continue. With LeBron James entering year 22, it will be interesting to see if he can capture an elusive fifth title.

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