Rudy Gobert asserts French 'Big 3 Trio' of Joel Embiid, Victor Wembanyama & himself is invincible: “It would be an amazing opportunity for our team”

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NBA star Rudy Gobert wants a French Big Three

Minnesota Timberwolves star big man Rudy Gobert wants a French Big Three for his national team. The only missing ingredient would be Philadelphia 76ers superstar Joel Embiid.

As it stands now, Gobert and phenom Victor Wembanyama are part of the French national team. Joel Embiid continues to get recruited by teams such as France and the United States to potentially join their teams.

A French Big Three involving Embiid, Gobert and Wembanyama would be a thrilling development. Gobert and Embiid have become two of the NBA's most dominant big men. Embiid is an absolute force on the offensive side of the ball and has become a strong defensive weapon as well. Gobert is a machine when it comes to rebounding and has always been a dominant shot blocker.

Then there's Victor Wembanyama, who is becoming the landslide favorite to be the first overall selection in the 2023 NBA draft. Wembanyama is listed at 7-foot-4, meaning the French Big Three would have a terrifying amount of size and length.

Speaking recently to The Athletic's Joe Vardon, Gobert was asked if anyone could stop a potential trio of himself, Embiid, and Wembanyama. "They can't," Gobert said. Gobert then went into detail about saying that the international game isn't about just getting the top players "on paper" before stating he'd love to have Embiid.

“If Joel’s heart is with us and he wants to do it for the right reasons, it would be an amazing opportunity for our team,” Gobert said.
Rudy Gobert says no national team can stop potential French trio of Joel Embiid, Victor Wembanyama and himself:…

Rudy Gobert wants a French Big Three for national team

A French Big Three of Victor Wembanyama, Joel Embiid, and Rudy Gobert could be on the way
A French Big Three of Victor Wembanyama, Joel Embiid, and Rudy Gobert could be on the way

There's been a plethora of elite talent in the basketball world on national teams. Although the game's popularity is at its peak around the Olympics, there are numerous events that showcase the top talent on a global scale.

Philadelphia 76ers superstar big man Joel Embiid has been a dominant force throughout his NBA career. But Embiid is also in an interesting position. Embiid is a dual citizen of the United States and France.

Victor Wembanyama is ridiculous. 🔥(via @TrashTalk_fr)

At the 2024 Olympics in Paris, Embiid will have to make a decision on which country he will want to play for. When it comes to Rudy Gobert, he's hoping that Embiid will choose to form a French Big Three.

Embiid and Gobert would combine to form a dangerous big-man combination down low. With Victor Wembanyama potentially sliding in at the forward position, it could become a must-watch for all fans around the world.

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