"Sick doing all this for benchwarmer" - NBA fans sympathize with Clippers' equipment manager dealing with PJ Tucker's 250 pairs of shoes

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Fans react to news that an equipment manager will need to help PJ Tucker move 250 pairs of shoes if he moves from the LA Clippers

NBA veteran and current LA Clippers forward PJ Tucker has become popular among fans. Not only for his defensive ability on the court, but also because of his reputation as a sneakerhead. According to reports, Tucker owns over 5,000 pairs in his ever-growing shoe collection.

Tucker has so many pairs of shoes that he also reportedly has a house where he stores all of them. However, it seems he brought several pairs with him to LA when he and James Harden were traded from the Philadelphia 76ers earlier this season.

Since becoming a member of the LA Clippers, Tucker has had a very minimal role. This has reportedly led the veteran seeking a trade to a team where he would get more minutes. If he gets moved, the team's equipment manager will need to help him move all those shoes, which numbers to over 250 pairs.

Fans who read that an equipment manager will need to help PJ Tucker with his large shoe collection immediately shared jokes about doing such a task.

"I'd be SICK doing all this for a benchwarmer," one fan commented.

Other fans took the time to point out number of sneakers he has in the Clippers' facility is more than the amount of minutes or points he's notched this season.

"More sneakers than points in the last 2 years that's crazy." Said one fan.
"He has more sneakers than minutes playing for the Clippers," stated another.

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PJ Tucker could reportedly return to one of his former teams if he departs from Clippers

PJ Tucker has not suited up for the Clippers since Nov. 27, when they lost to the Denver Nuggets 113-104. Understandably, the 38-year-old veteran wants to play for a team where he could have an impact as a rotational piece.

One of the teams that are being linked with Tucker right now is the Miami Heat, whom he played for in 2021-22. He appeared in a total of 71 games for the Heat that season, where he averaged 7.6 points and 5.5 rebounds.

He continued to be a key piece for them in the postseason. Playing in each of their 18 games before being eliminated by the Boston Celtics in Game 7 of the Conference Finals.

Another team where Tucker could land is the Milwaukee Bucks, where he is a fan favorite. He only played 20 regular season games and 23 playoff games for the Bucks, but he was a vital piece for them. Tucker was instrumental in slowing Kevin Durant down in the conference semi-finals, and played an important role in them winning the NBA title that year.

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