"That’s what the doctor ordered for the Brooklyn Nets, he’s not a good fit, he is the fit” - Skip Bayless believes the Nets wouldn’t pick 3x All-Star over Ben Simmons, says a move for the former is impossible

Brooklyn Nets v Philadelphia 76ers
Ben Simmons of the Brooklyn Nets

There have been reports that the Brooklyn Nets are interested in Donovan Mitchell and might have to trade Ben Simmons to complete the deal. NBA analyst Skip Bayless believes it would be the wrong move, saying Simmons is the perfect fit.

On "Undisputed: Skip and Shannon," Bayless said Simmons' defensive prowess makes him a better candidate. He said the Nets only need to find a way to make him better at the free throw line.

"If he's 100% right, and they can get him a little righter at the late game free-throw line or at least walk around that, he's a way better fit at six feet ten inches tall, can defend point guards or center. That's just what the doctor ordered for the Brooklyn Nets.
"He's not a good fit. He is the fit. He's exactly why I think they should be on paper favorite to win it all because they're better right now on paper than they were a year ago, to me, with even James Harden, another guy for who defense is an afterthought. Even though he can steal the ball and disrupt, he's not an on-ball defender.
"I can't even fathom how this is a possibility but apparently, according to multiple reports, both sides have considered and are considering making this deal. And the only way it makes sense is if Ben Simmons winds up in Utah."

Simmons is yet to play a game for the Nets since joining in February. However, many believe he will complement Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

The Nets have shown interest in several players but only in exchange for Durant. With the two-time champ rescinding his offer, they are likely fine with the current roster setup.

Mitchell's addition would undoubtedly bring more scoring to the Nets team. After KD and Irving were shut down in the playoffs by the Boston Celtics, one could understand their need for a third scoring option.

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How far can the Brooklyn Nets go with a healthy Ben Simmons?

Ben Simmons and Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets look on
Ben Simmons and Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets look on

The Nets have struggled with defense in recent years, an area Simmons will help shore up. He is an elite perimeter defender but can also play the center position due to his size.

The Nets have a better chance of making a deep run in the playoffs with Simmons. It has always been said that defense wins championships, which is evident in the teams who have won in the last five years. Another upside Ben Simmons brings is his passing, averaging 7.7 assists in his career.


The Nets have failed to get past the Eastern Conference semifinals in their last two attempts. Given the current makeup of the squad, pundits believe they are one of the favorites to emerge from the East.

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