“That’s hard to do in street clothes,” “LeTypos,” “Dude has been shooting like a** for 2 years,” “LeBron is trying to up AD’s trade value” - Fans mercilessly troll Anthony Davis and LeBron James after LeBron’s comments on AD

LeBron James, left, and Anthony Davis of the LA Lakers
LeBron James, left, and Anthony Davis of the LA Lakers

LeBron James made a bold claim regarding LA Lakers teammate Anthony Davis. But fans are not exactly thrilled as they have trolled the big man.

Much of the blame for the Lakers' 2021-22 failed season went to Davis, who struggled to knock down shots when available. Plus, for much of the season, he was in street clothes and watching from the sidelines because of injuries.

Fans came at Davis a few days ago after he said he had not touched a basketball since April 5. To many, he should be training to get primed for the upcoming season.

Anthony Davis, in June 2022, says he hasn’t shot a basketball since the Lakers’ April 5 matchup vs. Phoenix. Is that concerning? 🤔

The attack on social media prompted James to remind fans how dominant Davis can be. Via his Instagram page, he uploaded a video of AD with the caption:

"Get It Twisted if you want too! I'm due time he'll remind you once again why he's HIM!!! And I can't wait for it to be unleashed!"

Although James' post showed AD at his best, fans were not convinced. They continued to troll, with some of the heat directed at LBJ.

While some called him out for the poorly written caption, some think it is a ploy to increase his trade value.

Another encouraged the four-time NBA champ to sign a contract extension to ensure he continues playing with Davis.

Injuries have marred Davis' run in recent years. Even without the injury troubles, fans believe the former block champion has not elevated his game since the bubble season.

Sports analysts have also argued this point. Skip Bayless believes AD is semi-retired and has lost interest in playing basketball since winning the 2020 title.

Injuries have prevented LeBron James and Anthony Davis from being as impactful as they can be

Injured stars Anthony Davis (left) and LeBron James of the LA Lakers sit on the bench.
Injured stars Anthony Davis (left) and LeBron James of the LA Lakers sit on the bench.

James and Davis showed how lethal they can be in their first season together. Unfortunately, things have gone downhill since.

In the 2020-21 season, they had to seal a spot in the playoffs through the play-in tournament. Then they lost to the second-seeded Phoenix Suns in the first round.

In the just-concluded season, they suffered a worse run. With an 11th-place finish (33-49), they missed the play-in in its entirety.

Much of that was due to Davis' injury. In the last two seasons, the big man has played in only 76 games of a potential 154.

The Lakers will struggle to make any headway if Davis continues to miss significant time. A lot is riding on AD's health, especially if they hope to contend for the championship.

Anthony Davis said this on twitch last night

Although James is the leader of the team, he is willing to hand over the keys to Davis, seeing as he is not getting any younger. The 37-year-old, even though he had an incredible 2021-22 campaign, might not be able to carry the team as he has throughout his career.

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