"The best ever": Doris Burke declares LeBron James' greatness beyond definition

Los Angeles Lakers v Chicago Bulls
Los Angeles Lakers v Chicago Bulls

While many love to hate on LeBron James, there are those who stand by his side and praise him for the work he's done in his career. One example would be prominent NBA broadcaster Doris Burke, who was recently invited by Sling in a segment to describe NBA players in one word.

During the segment, Doris Burke said it was difficult to only give one-word descriptions for great players. This was especially true when LeBron James' name came up. Burke crowned him to be the best and mentioned that she needed more adjectives to describe the "King":

"The best to ever do it," Burke said about James. "I need more than one [word] for that guy."

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Is LeBron James the best to ever play basketball?

Los Angeles Lakers v Chicago Bulls
Los Angeles Lakers v Chicago Bulls

For a long time now, many have argued and debated whether or not LeBron James is the greatest basketball player of all time. Naturally, some will forever be supporters of Michael Jordan and will defend his name to their graves. Then some don't have James or Jordan on their list simply because they think the two are overrated. However, no one can deny the greatness LeBron has displayed throughout his career.

Ever since his rookie season in the NBA, James has lived up to his moniker of "The Chosen One". He was named the Rookie of the Year then became an All-Star in only his second season and hasn't looked back since. He also led a significantly weaker Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals in 2007. To add a cherry on top, he has notched four league MVPs, won four NBA titles, and is now the record holder for the most career points in league history.

When it comes to the GOAT conversation, it all comes down to one's preference. Many Michael Jordan fans tend to argue that he's better than LeBron James simply because he has more rings. With that type of logic, one could easily say that Bill Russell should be named the GOAT, given that he has 11 rings. Others could say that Russell never had "real" competition, then that could probably mean that Kobe Bryant should be the GOAT since he won five rings against more talent.

With all that said, basketball fans should perhaps simply appreciate what LeBron has done and is currently doing in the league. Give or take, the "King" only has a few more seasons left until he decides to hang his boots. Love him or hate him, the basketball world could end up missing him once he's gone.

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