"The GOAT discussion is its own thing, Jordan, LeBron, Kareem, whatever" - Howard Beck believes Steph Curry's legacy is secure and belongs in the same tier with Magic, Bird, Shaq, Kobe, Duncan

Steph Curry's current resume is already enough to validate his rank among the all-time greats.
Steph Curry's current resume is already enough to validate his rank among the all-time greats.

Steph Curry’s legacy is one of the biggest undercards in the championship series between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors. Despite the Warriors’ dominance in their title runs, the NBA Finals MVP has so far eluded the greatest shooter in league history.

Speaking on "The Crossover" podcast, Howard Beck gave his two cents on the hottest debate heading into the NBA Finals.

Here’s what the Sports Illustrated senior writer had to say about Curry’s rank in the pantheon of greats:

“What Steph Curry has done to get them back to the finals after all they’ve been through is an achievement unto itself. The GOAT discussion is its own thing: Jordan, LeBron, Kareem, whatever."
Calling Stephen Curry the greatest shooter of all-time is a well-earned title.It also sells him short

Beck continued:

"But when we talk about Magic and Bird, Oscar, Jerry West, Shaq, Kobe, Duncan, Hakeem, whoever else is in that group that is behind the GOATs, Steph’s in that group. I think he’s already there.”

Curry is the first and only unanimous MVP who already has three NBA titles in his bag. He is the league’s all-time leader in 3-point shots made and has revolutionized how the game is played.

And yet, to some, Curry needs to win a finals MVP to cement his legacy as one of the all-time greats.

.@ShannonSharpe on how important these Finals are to Curry's legacy:"Steph already has 3 rings and 2 MVPs. Anything Steph Curry does now is icing on the cake, he has nothing to prove."

If the Warriors were to lose the NBA Finals and Steph Curry were to hang up his sneakers, his resume could already speak for itself. He already has more regular-season MVPs than Shaquille O'Neal, Jerry West, Oscar Robertson and Hakeem Olajuwon. Curry is tied with Tim Duncan with two in that category.

With Curry at the helm, the Dubs have won three NBA titles, a feat tying that of Larry Bird with the Boston Celtics. Curry’s total is also better than that of Olajuwon, Robertson and West.

More than anything else, Curry’s long-range shooting has completely revolutionized the way basketball is played. The NBA Finals MVP will not validate his claim to greatness but will only serve as the icing on the cake.

Steph Curry is favored to win his first NBA Finals MVP

Steph Curry could add the NBA Finals MVP to his collection this season.
Steph Curry could add the NBA Finals MVP to his collection this season.

Vegas has installed Steph Curry as the slight favorite to win the Bill Russell trophy for the best player in the finals. He is favored to win the award over All-NBA first-team forward Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics.

Without Kevin Durant, the stage is set for Curry to win the elusive award. Curry’s almost-limitless range, playmaking and poise will be the Celtics’ biggest problems to solve in the series. Minus KD, Curry could call for more pick-and-roll action, which will involve him in almost every play.

Multiple MVPs, multiple scoring titles, multiple championships: Steph CurryMichael JordanKareem Abdul-Jabbar Wilt ChamberlainSteph wins another Championship and Finals MVP we are going to be a having a DIFFERENT CONVERSATION!!! Carry the hell on…

If he can lead the Golden State Warriors to another title against the NBA’s top-ranked defense, Curry’s doubters would have nothing to throw at him.

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