"The whole Universe conspires for you to fulfill your desire" - Fans think Kyrie Irving's latest tweet is inspired by book with 150 million sales

Kyrie Irving training with his team in Abu Dhabi
Kyrie Irving training with his team in Abu Dhabi

Kyrie Irving and the Dallas Mavericks are having the best time in Abu Dhabi ahead of their preseason games in the city. The Mavericks are scheduled to play the Minnesota Timberwolves on Oct. 5 and 6. Irving was seen enjoying a camel ride in the capital city. The 2016 NBA champion recently retweeted the post by the Dallas Mavericks’ X handle.

However, what stood out for the fans was the caption that Irving put on the post. Retweeting the post, Irving wrote, “The Alchemist Vibrations.” Reacting to the post, some fans thought the caption was inspired by Paulo Coelho, “The Alchemist.”

"And when you want something, the whole Universe conspires for you to fulfill your desire,” one user tweeted.

Kyrie Irving gives a hilarious take on the reason the Dallas Mavericks signed him

There is more than one reason why a team would sign a player like Kyrie Irving, even if the move costs them significant pieces. The primary reason is to add offensive firepower. The Dallas Mavericks also signed Irving to do exactly what is expected of him. He is one of those superstars who can take over a game anytime and have a historical night.

However, Irving thinks there is another reason why the Mavericks signed him, and it is all about his defense. When asked about the reason the team signed him, Uncle Drew gave a hilarious response:

“I feel like I'm one of the guys that guards (Luka Doncic) the best. That's probably why I'm on this team.”

Defending Luka Doncic is one of the toughest tasks that each team faces. Despite being 24 years old, the Slovenian has the mind of a veteran. His offensive bag is full of killer crossovers, stepback 3-pointers, changes-of-pace and post-ups. His ability to slice the most complicated defenses makes him one of the league's best.

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