"There's monetary stakes on the line" - Steph Curry goes in-depth while explaining NBA In-Season Tournament's format

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Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors against the OKC Thunder in the 2023 NBA In-Season Tournament.

Steph Curry lent a helping hand to those who don't understand how the NBA In-Season Tournament works. With the Golden State Warriors set to face the Minnesota Timberwolves in their second tournament game on Tuesday, Curry explained the format of the NBA's newest competition.

In a postgame interview on Sunday, the four-time NBA champion was asked if some players are still confused about the In-Season Tournament format. He went in-depth about explaining the competition while adding that it's not really tough to understand if you take the time to read all about it.

"If you take the time to read the situation, it's pretty straightforward," Curry said.
"I love the commentary around nobody knows what's going on. If you just take a second, take a deep breath, understand that there are six groups and whoever has the best record out of the six groups and two wildcards go and play a bracket.

He added:

"Try to get to Vegas in the final four, play two games. Championship is an extra game, but there's monetary stakes on the line. And everybody else who doesn't make the bracket gets regular season made up. Pretty simple."

Steph Curry was on point in his explanation about the NBA In-Season tournament. All games will count into the regular season except for the final game, which would be an additional game for the last two teams. The winner of the tournament lifts the inaugural NBA Cup.

Curry was also right about having monetary stakes in the final, with players and coaches set to receive $500,000 each if their team wins the tournament. The second-place team gets $200,000 each, while the other teams that made the final four get $100,000 each for their players.

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Steph Curry helped Warriors win first NBA In-Season Tournament game

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors being guarded by Lu Dort of the OKC Thunder.
Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors being guarded by Lu Dort of the OKC Thunder.

The Golden State Warriors stole a win in their first-ever NBA In-Season Tournament game last week against the OKC Thunder. Steph Curry's game-winning layup counted even though it appeared that Draymond Green caused an offensive interference.

Golden State is third in their group even though they're 1-0. They only have a point differential of two points, so they need to win big in their next games to increase their chances of advancing.


The Warriors are in West Group C with the Thunder, Minnesota Timberwolves, Sacramento Kings and San Antonio Spurs. They face the Timberwolves on Tuesday, Spurs on Nov. 25 and the Kings on Nov. 28.

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