"Tobias is the black Danilo Gallinari and I mean that in the nicest way" - Philadelphia 76ers forward Tobias Harris gets key advice from Former Finals MVP 

Tobias Harris in action against Atlanta Hawks
Tobias Harris in action against Atlanta Hawks

Philadelphia 76ers' forward Tobias Harris has garnered praise from his former teammate and 2015 Finals MVP Andre Iguodala. Harris was compared to Boston Celtics' forward Danilo Gallinari by Iguodala who is also Tobias's former teammate.

On his podcast Point Forward, Andre Iguodala spoke about how Gallinari and Harris have a very similar skillsets and playing styles. They are both towering forwards with a silky smooth jumpshot. Iggy also spoke about the relationship between the forward and the 76ers' fanbase. He stated:

"What I'm about to say, I don't know how it's gonna be taken but this is truly how I feel- Tobias is the black Danilo Gallinari and I mean that in the nicest way. Gallo I played with and I'm like, Gallo got everything. Gallo ain't missing nothing in his game, but what Gallo we going to get tonight.
Tobias, he gets that same energy from the Philly fans. He's treated like us in Philly and he has that interesting relationship with the fans there. But Tobias can go go." [sic]

The 2015 Finals MVP also spoke in a bit more detail about Harris' game. Iggy said that Harris can score at will with his jumper, and given his size and length, he is often a matchup nightmare. But Iguodala also spoke about how the forward needs to be encouraged to be more aggressive. Iguodala said:

"I don't watch Tobias take himself out of the rhythm a few times. I'm like, Tobias, you gotta take that shot. Tobias, you got it. You got it, Tobias. He's got a smooth jumper. He get to his left you can't block it, he gonna pull up shoot over you. He got a strong body. It's like, Tobias, come on, man you got it all." [sic]
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Tobias Harris' situation with the Philadelphia 76ers

Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers
Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers

Tobias Harris is currently in the fourth year of his five-year contract with the franchise. He is set to earn over $37 million for the upcoming season and nearly $40 million for the 2023-24 season. Harris will hit free agency in the summer of 2024, and his is one of the most interesting deals in the NBA, to say the least.

The Philadelphia 76ers signed Tobias Harris to a mammoth deal in 2019 with expectations that he would further evolve from his borderline All-Star caliber season with the LA Clippers in 2018-19. But that has not happened as his performances have plateued, if not diminished.

Tobias Harris last 11 games:22.4 PPG7.1 RPG58/50/84%

Harris was supposed to be the third piece of the puzzle for the Philadelphia 76ers that delivers them a championship, after Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. This was one of the primary reasons why they let Jimmy Butler go.

With that said, the forward is only 30-years-old at the moment. If Tobias Harris can play at an All-Star level as he was expected to, and become a bonafide second scoring option for the Philadelphia 76ers, then they could become the frontrunners for the championship this season.

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