"U have no impact on anything Olden; Enjoy retirement lol" - Kevin Durant skins former NBA player for propagating false reports

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Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant

A few days after Olden Polynice dropped a bombshell about Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant responded with a volley of his own. The Fox Sports analyst said that Irving confronted and disrespected Steve Nash in front of everybody at Nash's own party.

“Uncle Drew” reportedly told Nash to give up his two MVP trophies as they deservedly belonged to the late Kobe Bryant. Durant’s initial response to the former NBA player was to call him a liar before he came up with a more savage reply:

“There was no truth in what u said. U have no impact on anything Olden. Enjoy retirement lol”

Polynice’s source of the story as things started to clear was Ballsack Sports, which consistently trolls NBA players on various issues. The former NBA journeyman came on “The Odd Couple” podcast and told Chris Broussard and Rob Guerra the story.

Instead of admitting that he was “sacked,” a term used on people who fell for such stories, Polynice engaged Durant:

“Lol, if that’s a generational lie then we are all in trouble. People may not like the truth but it’s always coming.. like PJ Tucker said “I Love you”.. You are still one of the best ever. Glad to know I still have a little impact out there.. KD responded to me.. F yeah !!!”

KD has been repeatedly called thin-skinned and accused of owning burner accounts on Twitter to respond to critics. This time, he called out Polynice's claim aimed not at him but at Irving.

Durant was once again food for fodder a few days earlier when Charles Barkley called him “Mr. Miserable” and an “abject failure.” Unfair or not, Barkley’s criticism of KD was a personal take of Durant’s career rather than from an untrustworthy source.

Durant and Irving, sometimes through their faults and at other times the faults of others, have kept the NBA offseason exciting.

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons have plenty to prove next season

The Brooklyn Nets' triumvirate of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons has largely been the NBA’s headliners for more than a year. They’ve been receiving a ton of flak, deserved or not, from analysts and basketball fans.

KD, Irving and the former Philly star can only silence the critics if they can win a championship for Brooklyn. To do that, they would have to get out of their own way, trust Steve Nash and allow their basketball skills to do the talking.

When engaged and determined, no NBA trio may be as lethal as what the Nets have on their roster.

Irving could be a one-and-done after the season if the Nets don’t offer him a new contract. This could be their last hurrah, and they have a chance to make it worth all their troubles.

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