Watch: "I got a big head, Ernie!" - Charles Barkley hilariously tries on Kenny Smith's glasses

Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley on 'Inside the NBA' on TNT
Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley on 'Inside the NBA' on TNT

Former NBA star and hall-of-famer Charles Barkley seemingly mocked the size of his own head as he tried on Kenny Smith's glasses on 'Inside the NBA' on TNT. The show is considered one of the most fun sports-related shows in the world right now. They have been on the air for decades and don't always NBA-related topics, instead opting to wow their audience with goofy games and fun debates.

Smith and Barkley are clearly not the same size, which was evident as the latter struggled to even get the glasses on around his face. The rest of the crew poked fun at the expense of the eleven-time All-Star, who said during the funny moment:

"I got a big head, Ernie!...Smart people got big heads, lot of brain matter up there."

Their segments "Shaqtin' A Fool" and "EJ's Neat-O Stat of the Night" are extremely famous and the running gimmick, where the stars of the show race to the big screen, is beloved by fans.

The race to the big board has taken a life of its own. Fans now bet on the outcome of who will win and social media constantly awaits the next race between the hosts. All four members of the show have at one time or another outsmarted the rest of the group, going on to win the race to the big screen.

The victors often return to their seats, gloating and roasting the others, all of which provides the show's fans with some quality comedy content.

Watch: Charles Barkley sides with the Toronto Raptors mascot on Shaqtin' A Fool segment

Toronto Raptors mascot The Raptor
Toronto Raptors mascot The Raptor

The Toronto Raptors mascot, congruously named 'The Raptor' , distracted Phoenix Suns' shooting guard Devin Booker at the foul line during their game at the Scotiabank Arena in Canada. The mascot did so because there were no fans in the arena but Booker didn't like the ongoing antics and he complained to the official that he should be removed from that spot.

Devin Booker still made the free throw, though. The distraction at the charity stripe wouldn't have mattered if it had been the first 45 minutes of the match. But the game was on the line as nervous energy filled the air of the Scotiabank Arena, with Booker trying to secure a couple of clutch points to help his team to victory.

The incident was showcased on "Shaqtin' A Fool" and Charles Barkley supported the mascot, suggesting that he wasn't doing anything wrong. He said:

"I think the mascot should be able to do that. I don't understand why Devin Booker got mad. And they made [the mascot] move!"

Devin Booker spoke after the game and stated that he has worked things out with the mascot and that "they are homies now".

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