Savannah James hilariously captures LeBron James "locked in" on Madden, ignoring her entirely

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Gervonta Davis vs. Francisco Fonseca

Savannah James has had her fair share of funny moments with her husband over the years, and another can be added to the list. She recently caught LeBron so focused on something that he did not even realize that she was there.

Due to constant travel during the NBA season, it might be rare for Savannah James to have a night at home with her husband. She recently had the chance to be with LeBron, but things didn't go exactly how she might have hoped.

LeBron James, like most people, enjoys playing video games in his downtime. Savannah recently caught him hilariously locked in on a game as she lay next to him. Judging from his expression, it's hard to tell if he even realized somebody else was in the room with him.

LeBron LOCKED IN on Madden ๐Ÿ˜‚๐ŸŽฎ (via mrs_savannahrj/IG)โ€ฆ

Based on this encounter, it appears Savannah has to deal with sports being a distraction at work and at home.

Savannah James has had countless funny moments with LeBron

Her recent post might not show it, but Savannah and LeBron James have a great relationship. The two met during high school and have been together ever since. Now, they are parents to three children and work on countless projects to improve the community around them.

This is not the first time that Savannah James has broken out the camera to have a laugh with her husband. A few years ago, she forced the LA Lakers star to go on Instagram Live with her to talk about anything and everything.

All LeBron wanted to do was watch the NBA playoffs, but his wife had other plans. The two sat and discussed things from their favorite wines to Savannah's recent trip to Coachella. LeBron even took to the time to point out that "Bob's Burgers" was one of his favorite TV shows at the time.


Don't let LeBron's Madden clip fool you, he very much enjoys every moment he gets to spend with his wife. Earlier this season, a video surfaced of him not being able to keep his eyes off her.

During a Lakers home game, the team was in the huddle preparing to come out of a timeout. At the same time, Savannah was working her way back to her seat in the stands. Instead of working with his teammates in the huddle, LeBron couldn't help but watch as his wife made her way through the crowd.

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