Watch: Shaquille O'Neal's son Myles O'Neal amped after Chargers take down Raiders at home

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Shaquille O'Neal's son Myles O'Neal amped after Chargers take down Raiders

Myles O'Neal might not be an athlete like his father, but he is still a big sports fan. The son of the NBA legend was hype on social media after seeing his favorite football team land a victory on Sunday.

This weekend, Myles O'Neal decided to catch some NFL action live in person. Since he was born and raised in California, he is a Charges fan. They secured a win over the Las Vegas Raiders to improve to 2-2 on the year.

Following the victory, O'Neal took to Instagram to celebrate. He posted a video on his story of him taking in the game in a packed stadium. The DJ/fashion artist currently has 294,000 followers on the platform.

Quarterback Justin Herbert played a big role in the Chargers win over the Raiders. Along with throwing for 167 yards and a touchdown, he also secured two rushing touchdowns.

Shaquille and Myles O'Neal are currently on a similar path

Out of Shaquille O'Neal's children, Shareef was the one to follow in his footsteps on the basketball court. That said, he and Myles O'Neal are now on a similar journey together.

Shaq has done countless things since retiring from the NBA, with DJing being his latest endeavor. Along with putting on big performances, it's an activity he gets to partake in with his son.

During an interview with People magazine, Shaq touched on getting to bond with Myles over their shared love for music. The LA Lakers legend even admitted it's something they work on together at times. There is even something Shaq is jealous of with Myles.

"I've seen him perform many times and he's really good. I'm actually jealous, he's really good," Shaq said. "He has that DJ hair. I don't have the DJ hair."

When he's not performing at festivals, Myles posts he DJ mixes to his Soundcloud. He currently has over 1,600 followers on the platform. Most of his songs do well, but one stands out above the rest. His "Big Bank Remix" was posted a year ago and has 62,500 streams.

At 26-years-old, Myles is solidifying himself as an up-in-coming DJ. Meanwhile, Shaq finds himself in a different scenario. He is trying to prove to the world that he is a serious DJ and not just a celebrity who is doing it for fun.

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