What are Draymond Green's contract detail with Nike? Looking at 4x NBA champion leaving Converse after 3-year deal

Draymond Green (right) with his Nike sneaker from 2016
Draymond Green (right) with his Nike sneaker from 2016

Draymond Green announced a new sneaker deal during the Golden State Warriors Media Day on Monday. He is entering his 12th season in the NBA with aspirations to grab his fifth championship ring. He is one of the Dubs' cornerstone players, and the franchise extended his contract this summer.

Fans have been waiting for months for some basketball content, so a lot of hype is generated on NBA Media Day. New sneakers, hairstyles, looks, jerseys and much more are put under a microscope. Some players get bulked up during the summer while some show up fitter and leaner. Every team has new additions, and the stars give their first comments regarding their new teammates and the supposed fit.

Draymond Green's Media Day went quite similarly. He spoke about the upcoming season, his relationship with Chris Paul, the young players in the rotation, and the franchise's title hopes on Monday. However, one big announcement was Green's switch to Nike from Converse.

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The four-time champion is shifting from Converse, the brand he wore for three years, to Nike. It is hard to know what motivated his move from Converse as he called the company "family" after signing with them in 2020. He was particularly excited about joining Converse and being the face of their "G4" sneaker line.

Draymond Green spoke at the time that he always wore "Chuck Taylors" growing up, Converse's signature shoe. He was honored to wear the sneaker that legends like Julius Erving, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird wore and promoted. He said in 2020:

"When you talk about the brand you're talking about legends like Julius ‘Dr. J’ Erving amongst other greats. Those names helped establish Converse as a leader and an important name in basketball footwear…I've always worn Chucks. It's a brand that I've always been comfortable with."

So what changed? And why did Draymond Green switch to Nike from Converse?

Draymond Green's relationship with Nike

Draymond Green on Golden State Warriors Media Day wearing Nike sneakers
Draymond Green on Golden State Warriors Media Day wearing Nike sneakers

Draymond Green wore Nike for the first seven years of his NBA career. He would sport fabulous colorways and incredible designs during the Golden State Warriors playoff runs in the late 2010s. He even had a creative logo that was the combination of DG and 23.

It is important to mention that Converse is owned by Nike Inc., so Green technically never left the Nike family of brands. Even though Nike is a parent company of Converse, the two operate with separate budgets and have their own line of athlete deals. As per Nick DePaula of ESPN,

"Nike Inc. with regards to NBA players includes Nike Basketball, Jordan and Converse and all 3 operate from separate budgets and have their own employee teams. Jordan athletes are their own group."

Green is simply returning to Nike after a three-year hiatus. He is likely to use his old logo again and re-release his line of signature sneakers. LeBron James is one of Nike's premier athletes, and given the relationship Green and James share, it isn't surprising that fans are speculating that King James influenced Green's decision.

He wore Nike sneakers during the Golden State Warriors NBA Media Day and specifically Nike LeBron NXXT Gen in the 'Wolf Grey' colorway.

When Draymond Green signed with Converse in 2020, Converse CMO Jesse Stollak said:

"The best part about working with Draymond is he was already part of the Nike family."

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