What is the NBA league minimum salary on full-time contracts for 2022-23 season? Looking at finances and salary cap lower limits this year

Milwaukee Bucks v Chicago Bulls
Milwaukee Bucks vs Chicago Bulls

NBA league minimum salaries are very common and are often utilized when building a roster. Players who receive minimum contracts are typically either rookies just starting their basketball career or veterans with low player value.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean that having these players on the roster is terrible. In fact, some individuals turned out to be hidden gems, like Jeremy Lin in 2012.

Some might be wondering how much NBA league minimum salaries are worth this season. According to Spotrac, the least amount that can be offered to a rookie is worth $953,000 per year. As for long-time veterans who've been in the league for at least ten years, they're eligible to sign a minimum amount of $2.72 million per year.

Here's a full list of each minimum contract based on how long a player has competed in the NBA:

  • Rookie - 953k per year
  • 1 year - $1.53 million per year
  • 2 years - $1.71 million per year
  • 3 years - $1.78 million per year
  • 4 years - $1.84 million per year
  • 5 years - $1.99 million per year
  • 6 years - $2.15 million per year
  • 7 years - $2.30 million per year
  • 8 years - $2.46 million per year
  • 9 years - $2.47 million per year
  • 10+ years - $2.72 million per year

Why do teams end up offering NBA league minimum salaries?

Denver Nuggets vs Dallas Mavericks
Denver Nuggets vs Dallas Mavericks

When building the perfect roster, teams usually go all out in offering generous contracts to the best available players to secure them. Once they've used up most of their finances and still want to sign players, franchises then lean towards signing players who they can offer an NBA league minimum salary.

These players typically serve as fillers on the roster, but that's not always the case. These individuals are offered minimal contracts but still get to see game time on the court due to their valuable experience over the years.

One good example is Deandre Jordan, who's currently signed to a one-year minimum contract worth $2.90 million. Jordan may no longer be the high-flying menace he was when he played for the LA Clippers, but he's still a solid big man who can play his role efficiently. DJ is averaging 4.9 points and as many rebounds in 14.6 minutes of play per game this season.

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