"What's your go-to" - Paul George tests Alex Sarr's basketball IQ with tie game scenario & counters him with tougher question

Paul George tests Alex Sarr
Paul George tests Alex Sarr's basketball IQ on Podcast P

With the NBA Draft coming up soon, Paul George took some time to get to know the projected number one overall draft pick Alex Sarr. The LA Clippers star sat down with the top prospect on the former's show where PG took the time to test Sarr's basketball knowledge.

Specifically, PG wanted to test Sarr's basketball IQ on how to execute plays when the game is on the line. The NBA veteran laid out a scenario and had a simple question for the NBA prospect (Start at 21:27):

"I'mma set the stage here, right. Game tied 115-115, eight seconds on the clock. You've got the ball on an island to go win it, what's your go-to?" George asked.

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Sarr replied that he'd probe the defender with a right-hand in-and-out before driving hard to his right while keeping a left spin handy in case the defender is in position to stop the right-hand drive.

Paul George then made the scenario tougher on the future NBA player by asking what he would do if the defender didn't budge on the in-and-out. To which Sarr responded by saying that he would take a page out of PG's playbook and hit the defender with a hesitation move.

PG is one of the most underrated ball handlers and shot-creators in the league. He is capable of creating separation from defenders. His handles, combined with his silky-smooth jumper, have allowed him to become one of the best scorers in the NBA today.

As such, it isn't a bad idea for Alex Sarr to take some pointers and copy some of PG's moves.

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Paul George shares how he came up with his go-to moves with Alex Sarr

After answering Paul George's questions on how he'll deal with a late-game scenario, Alex Sarr asked PG how he came up with his signature moves on the court.

George then went into detail about how he worked on that part of his game (Start at 23:00):

"I was always comfortable shooting, because I was skinny growing up, and I playing with a lot of older kids. So I always had a hard time getting open and finding space and I wasn't always comfortable with my handle at an early age, so I always used to work on that part of it.
"But what I did realize, if I could create space off of trying to move somebody back and if I hide the ball with the back snatch, then I could free up to get a shot off," George said.

Obviously, the hard work has paid off for Paul George as he has become one of the most elite shot-creators currently in the NBA.

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