“What's up...I give him the beatdown of his life” - Shaquille O'Neal shares the moment he realized fear of his dreams getting sucked into abyss

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Shaquille O'Neal visits Williams Racing at Formula 1 United States Grand Prix

NBA all-time great Shaquille O'Neal didn't have the childhood that many typically do. O'Neal was from Newark, New Jersey, which is one of the worst areas in the United States. Even to this day, Newark hasn't recovered and is filled with crime. With drugs, shootings and everything else, Newark isn't a good area.

O'Neal has produced a documentary called "From Shaquille to Shaq" and one of the quotes from it was breathtaking. Shaquille spoke about how South Hinesville, Georgia, where he moved to from Newark, wasn't any better than the crime-filled area.

O'Neal spoke about how, after being called the N-word, he decided to beat the person up.

"We went from the projects of Newark, New Jersey, to down South Hinesville, Georgia. First time I saw a whole bunch of white people at the same time. First in school. What's up, my ni***? That was the white boys. "Three o'clock, I'm f**king you up at three o'clock" I give him the beatdown of his life. He starts having a seizure.
"There was a guy who saw, put the pen in his mouth and save this kid's life. Now, if he wasn't there, none of this would be. The cops come talk to my dad, and he spanks me again. He gives me the, you know, what could have happened if you would have killed this kid?
"So now the bully side is dead. Dead. No way. So it takes one mistake, you can have a million dreams. Only takes one mistake."

Shaquille O'Neal's new documentary

Shaquille O'Neal's documentary will continue producing new episodes. If this documentary is going to be just like episode one, the world is going to be in for a treat.

His producer, Robert Alexander, said Shaquille O'Neal is a stand-up person and fun to work with:

"Shaq is one of the most unique people in the world. I think that I learned that Shaq is exactly on camera the way he is off camera. He is one of the most genuine individuals I've ever interacted with.
"I think something else that's great about him is that he loves joy into like such a high level that he just always wants to find a positive space, not only for himself, but for everyone he's around which is great."

O'Neal is also excited for the remainder of the documentary and spoke about how "real" they kept it. His life hasn't always been glamorous, and it was important to him to show people that.

“We kept this documentary real from the start, and I do feel like it is the most honest look into my life and career up until this point," O'Neal said. "This process allowed me to reflect publicly in a way I haven’t before, and I’m so proud of the work everyone has done to put it all together.”

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