“When did Bron start saying n**ga?”- Druski hilariously perplexed to hear LeBron James’ lingo

Comedian Druski had trouble believing LeBron James sometimes uses the the word "n**ga." [photo: James IG, Druski IG]
Comedian Druski had trouble believing LeBron James sometimes uses the the word "n**ga." [photo: James IG, Druski IG]

Druski and Kai Cenat could not believe it when LeBron James responded to Kevin Hart’s call during a Twitch livestream. Cenat, the content creator, had a star-studded episode on Monday when he brought in the actors. They were blown away, though, when the LA Lakers superstar answered Hart’s FaceTime call.

The surprise didn’t just end with James’ appearance and conversation with Hart. The “Coulda Been Records” creator was even stunned by what the four-time NBA MVP said to Hart the moment he answered the call.

LeBron James’ swearing forced Druski into a double take:

“Bron, [James] when you start saying n**ga? When Bron started saying n**ga?”

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James could be heard asking in disbelief if Kevin Hart was having a livestream. The actor was barely able to hold back his laughter but told the NBA superstar that the “world know” that he says “n**ga.”

The former Miami Heat star was reeling when he realized what just happened:

“Oh, s**t. So the world heard what I just said?”

Any thoughts of getting away vanished when Druski piled it on:

“He definitely said it, y’all. Hey, Bron said n**ga, y’all! Hey, Bron, I didn’t know you say ‘N**ga like that. Just be open.”

Druski’s comments finally did it for Kevin Hart who could no longer hold back his laughter. The comments on Kai Cenat’s livestream exploded during the entire back-and-forth between the four of them. James' presence was at the center of what might turn out to be one of the most hilarious livestreams this year.

Druski puts LeBron James over Michael Jordan

Druski’s reaction to seeing LeBron James join the live stream was understandable. For years, he has expressed his admiration and appreciation of the player he calls the greatest in basketball history. The comedian didn’t hesitate to put LA’s franchise cornerstone over Michael Jordan.

Here’s what he had to say on “Club Shay Shay” about James:

“I’m big on LeBron [James], man. I like the way he got his whole career going. He’s a social person and not like Jordan that doesn’t like people and staying away the black people and stuff. No shade. … Maybe I’m judging the book by its cover. I don’t know, I’ve never met Jordan.”

After the hilarious exchange during Kai Cenat’s livestream, it’s safe to say Druski’s admiration and appreciation of LeBron James have only grown. After the shock of hearing James say “n**ga,” the comedian could hardly contain his delight at interacting with the NBA superstar.

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