When Kevin Durant manifested the new All-Star Draft format: "We giving the NBA ideas, man. For free on the ETCs"

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Kevin Durant looks on at the game

The announcement of the NBA All-Star draft system came as a shock to many. But Kevin Durant seemed to have manifested it much before the announcement was made.

The NBA All-Star weekend is just around the corner. As an important event during the season, basketball fans from around the world will tune in to watch some of the best put their skills on display.

The All-Star weekend is a three-day event that features the Rising Stars game, skill events such as shooting contests, dunk contests, and the All-Star game. The format for each event has seen some degree of change every season.

In this regard, the All-Star game itself is set to undergo yet another amendment. While the last few seasons have seen the two team captains draft their own teams from the draft pool prior to the game, this season will be different.

The All-Star draft will now be held on the same day as the game, just before tip-off. Almost bringing a pickup game vibe to the All-Star game, the NBA hoped to add an element of surprise to the overall draft process.

However, the idea itself appears to have been copied. Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant was set to make another appearance at the All-Star game this season. However, the forward practically gave the NBA the idea on the podcast, "The ETCs".

On an episode of "The ETCs", Durant shared his idea for what the All-Star draft process should look like. He said:

"It would be fire if we pick right before the game. Have the jerseys ready, have everything ready. It would be so fire. You got two jerseys ready for no matter what.. You got two pair of shoes for both. Y'all just pick the teams."

While additionally fleshing out the details for the process, Durant finally added:

"We giving the NBA ideas, man. For free on the ETCs."
.@KDTrey5 manifested the All-Star draft!“We giving the NBA ideas, man… for free on The ETCs.”…

The forward also responded to the tweet by saying, "Heard it here first".

Heard it here first…

Kevin Durant may not play in the All-Star game

As unfortunate as it is, Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant may be ruled out for the upcoming All-Star game due to injury. Having suffered an MCL sprain earlier in January, Durant has gradually been on the path to recovery. Unfortunately, the timeline for recovery may see him just miss the All-Star weekend.

Kevin Durant missed the All-Star game last season due to a similar injury as well. With the superstar out of the rotation, the NBA was forced to call up a young star to take his place.

Seeing Kevin Durant miss the All-Star game would be a travesty in every sense. Considering the form he has been in this season, several fans were looking forward to seeing him in action as well.

"I wasn't feeling sorry for myself or why me? It's like, s--t, another year not playing against my old teammates, another year maybe missing the All-Star Game, not playing against LeBron James at home. Stuff like that I look forward to"- Kevin Durant

With Durant also expressing his frustration, fans can only wish for the superstar to make a speedy recovery.

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