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No Boxers Allowed: 3 NBA players pulling down pants

News 23 Nov 2012, 23:27 IST

NBA can stand for all sorts of things. No Basketball Allowed is one of them. No Boxers Allowed is another. No basketball allowed wouldn’t really make sense in a basketball league. Neither should no boxers allowed. But sometimes the players are desperate enough to try and un-pant the opponent when nothing else works.

All else fails, pull their pants down. Here are three instances of that:

Let’s start with the GOAT, Michael Jordan:

Okay, that was before a match. Here’s one during the game:

Glen Davis is like Eminem. Remember the last battle in 8 Mile? When Eminem raps against himself so his opponent doesn’t get a chance to? Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis follows a similar school of thought. He un-pantsed himself after a referee called him for a foul:

Ok that was during a dead ball situation.

Here’s one during a match, when Metta World Peace (then Ron Artest) pulls down the shorts of Paul Pierce in an act of innovative defence. And then he sings “I’m sorry” to Pierce.

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