"No man should ever put their hands on a woman" - 2x NBA champion settles assault and battery lawsuit stemming from a 2020 incident

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Rajon Rondo settled his assault and battery lawsuit from 2020 (Image via Getty Images)

Rajon Rondo's NBA career has had many ups and downs. However, it's mostly been downs since the 2020 incident where he reportedly assaulted a woman in a parking lot. The former NBA champion has settled the lawsuit, according to TMZ.

The two-time NBA champion won his second championship ring back in 2020. He was with the Los Angeles Lakers, who took the Miami Heat down in six games. However, just two months later, he was involved in a battery and assault lawsuit.

In December 2020, the four-time All-Star was accused of assaulting Toktam Jorshari in a parking lot. The NBA star and his attorney denied these accusations and believed they'd win the case. However, the case was settled outside the court.

"No man should ever put their hands on a woman," Jorshari's attorneys said after the incident. "Especially an NBA basketball player with superior height and strength."

Rajon Rondo is a free agent and this settlement might help him find his new NBA team. However, this will be quite challenging as he turns 37 early next year.

Rajon Rondo reaches settlement

Toktam Jorshari accused Rajon Rondo and his girlfriend of assaulting her in a parking lot back in 2020. The incident started with the two-time NBA champion yelling at Jorshari for blocking access to his vehicle in the parking lot.

Rondo then reportedly pushed her, making her fall. While she was on the ground, Jorshari was physically attacked by Rajon Rondo's girlfriend, Latoia Fitzgerald. According to the accuser, the two-time NBA champion gave his girlfriend permission to hit the other woman.


The point guard and his girlfriend were sued for $1 million initially.

There are no specifics regarding the settlement, but considering that the video of the incident shows the NBA star shoving Jorshari and then letting his girlfriend attack her, chances are that the accuser received a lot of money from the NBA star.

Rondo's NBA career

Rajon Rondo played a big role in his last title win with the Lakers. In the last game of the series against the Heat, Rondo scored 19 points on 8-for-11 shooting. He also added four rebounds and four assists to his total.

He last played for the Cleveland Cavaliers for whom he appeared in 21 games, averaging 6.2 points per game along with 4.9 assists. However, his contract expired and he's now a free agent.


The 6-foot-1 point guard was paid $2.6 million last year and there is no doubt that he could be useful to many other teams. After all, he has 16 years of experience in the NBA and has led the league multiple times in assists.

During his peak, Rajon Rondo was one of the best perimeter defenders in the league. Despite his size, the former NBA champion had quick hands and puts a lot of effort into defending opposing players.

Rondo led the league in steals per game in 2010 and was one of the top candidates for the Defensive Player of the Year award a few years in a row.

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