Paul George changes jersey number from 24 to 13

Paul George will not wear the number 24 jersey anymore.

An idea first suggested by ESPN’s Bill Simmons?

There is no doubting the fact that PG-13 sounds way cooler than PG-24. Although the credit was not given or mentioned, many believe the origin of the idea to change the jersey number came from ESPN’s Bill Simmons when he first mentioned it on Grantland in May 2013.

This is what George had to say when asked for the first time about it "That's got a ring to it, PG-13". George tweeted the word trece, which means 13 in Spanish seven times in the past month, dropping hints to fans about the change.

Details about the number change

Sources told that George had applied for the number change before the March deadline and was recently granted the switch from 24 to 13. As per league rules, a player who changes jersey numbers on the same team must buy out all the old jerseys remaining in the market.

Despite applying for the change before the deadline and being exempted from this duty, George decided to do buy them anyways.

Second high profile jersey change for next season

24, a number George originally chose to honor Five times NBA Champion Kobe Bryant will be replaced by 13 on a majority of jerseys at the Bankers Life Field House, home court of the Indiana Pacers.

While George is currently undergoing rehab for a gruesome lower right leg injury he suffered during the USA Basketball team scrimmage, the Pacers will sell the new numbered jerseys. His number change is the second high profile one prior to the next season after LeBron James switched back to 23 from 6, but he did not have to file for a change since he had switched teams.

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