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Recap - 2018 FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup Group Stage

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246   //    04 Oct 2018, 11:55 IST

USA Select Team v United States
Breanna Stewart from the United States

Sixteen nations qualified for the 2018 FIBA World Cup for Women held in Tenerife, Spain.

The USA has thus far won nine titles; The Soviet Union has won six titles, with Australia and Brazil being the other nations to win one title each.

Group A - Canada (5) 6 pts, France (3) 5 pts, Greece (20) 4 pts, South Korea (16) 3 pts

In a low scoring game, Greece defeated South Korea in a Group A battle. Pinelopi Pavlopoulou of Greece's three-point basket at the dying moments of the first quarter narrowed the lead to a single point. Korea managed to increase the lead by three points at the end of the second quarter.

Greece dominated the third quarter leading by ten points. Korea resorted to three-point throws in the last quarter; However, they converted only three of their 13 attempts as Greece claimed victory.

Artemis Spanou
Artemis Spanou from Greece (Image Courtesy: PBS)

Greece (20) defeated South Korea (16) 58-48 (16-17, 9-11, 20-7, 13-13) (GRE - Artemis Spanou 13 pts, 12 rebs, Evanthia Maltsi 5 assts; KOR - Leeseul Kang 10 pts, Ji Su Park 9 rebs)

France started the game well, with a 13 point lead in the first quarter. They continued to lead in the second quarter by a ten point margin. Canada stormed back in the third quarter with Natalie Achonwa of Canada scoring seven points to reduce the deficit by a solitary point.

Kia Nurse was the chief architect as Canada overcame France to top the group, earning a direct berth in the quarterfinals. Canada scored 40 points from fast breaks and turnovers to overturn a ten point deficit in the first half.

Canada v United States - Women's Basketball - Olympics: Day 7
Kia Nurse from Canada

Canada (5) defeated France (3) 71-60 (12-25, 14-11, 19-10, 26-14) (CAN - Kia Nurse 18 pts, 6 assts, Nayo Raincock-Ekunwe 10 rebs; FRA - Sandrine Gruda 14 pts, 8 rebs, Diandra Tchatchouang 5 assts)

Group B - Australia (4) 6 pts, Nigeria (34) 5 pts, Turkey (7) 4 pts, Argentina (15) 3 pts

Nigeria provided the biggest upset of the 2018 FIBA Women's World Cup when they defeated Turkey in a Group B encounter. Turkey started well with an early eight-point lead in the first quarter. In the second quarter, the lead increased to 12 points after two minutes of play. Sarah Ogoke's persistence paid off for Nigeria, as the lead reduced to three points by the end of the first half.

Nigeria went into the lead with Ogoke's free throws. Nigerians were lethal averaging 84% with their free throws. With 14 fast break points to their credit, Nigeria was leading by a ten point margin heading into the last quarter. The lead proved too big for Turkey to overturn.

Basketball - Olympics: Day 11
Isil Alben of Turkey

Nigeria (34) defeated Turkey (7) 74-68 (7-15, 22-17, 23-10, 22-26) (NIG - Sarah Ogoke 22 pts, Evelyn Akhator 10 rebs, Ezinne Joesphine Kalu 5 assts; TUR - Isil Alben 15 pts, Quanitra Hollingsworth 6 rebs)

Promise Amukamara scored seven points with a couple of lay-ups as Nigeria ended the first quarter with a lead of six points. Victoria Llorente of Argentina came up with a couple of driving lay-ups and jump shots, scoring eight points in the second quarter to reduce the lead to three points. Aisha Mohammed from Nigeria and Melisa Paola Gretter of Argentina scored eight points each as Nigeria maintained their stronghold at the end of the third quarter.

Ezinne Josephine Kalu scored nine points as Nigeria won the fourth quarter 24-22 to upset Argentina and finish in the second spot. Nigeria collected 24 offensive and 32 defensive rebounds to dominate Argentina in the paint.

Melisa Paola Gretter
Paola Gretter from Argentina (Image Courtesy: FIBA)

Group C - Belgium (28) 5 pts, Spain (2) 5 pts, Japan (13) 5 pts, Puerto Rico (22) 3 ptsNigeria (34) defeated Argentina (15) 75-70 (19-13. 13-16, 19-19, 24-22) (NIG - Promise Amukamara 16 pts, Evelyn Akhator 13 rebs; ARG - Melisa Paola Gretter 21 pts, Victoria Llorente 7 rebs)

Both Belgium and Puerto Rico made their debuts at the 2018 FIBA World cup for Women. Belgium thrashed Puerto Rico 86-36 to notch up their first victory, while Puerto Rico set a record for the fewest points scored in a half. 

Belgium dominated the match, with six blocks, 40 defensive rebounds to their credit.

Julie Vanloo
Julie Vanloo of Belgium (Image Courtesy: Basket Promotion)

Belgium (28) defeated Puerto Rico (22) 86-36 (18-3, 30-3, 24-12, 14-18) (BEL - Julie Vanloo 17 pts, Emma Messeman 14 rebs, Marjorie Carpreaux 7 assts, PUR - Jennifer O'Neil 12 pts, Jazmon Gwathmey 7 rebs)

A collective team effort by Belgium outscored Alba Torrens eight-points for Spain as they lead with a four-point margin in the first quarter. Emma Meesseman ripped through the Spanish defense in the second quarter scoring nine points with a couple of lay-ups and jump shots as Belgium increased their lead to seven points.

Kim Mestdagh scored 11 points with a couple of three-point jump shots as Belgium headed into the fourth quarter with a massive lead of 15 points. Emma Meesseman scored six more points in the last quarter to upset Spain by a nine-point margin to record a memorable victory.

Spain v Senegal - Women's Basketball - Olympics: Day 7
Alba Torrens from Spain

Belgium (28) defeated Spain (2) 72-63 (19-15, 20-17, 22-14, 11-17) (BEL - Kim Mestdagh 21 pts, Emma Messeman 8 rebs, Julie Allemand 6 assts; ESP - Alba Torrens 16 pts, Laura Nicholls 13 rebs, Laia Palau 5 assts)

Group D - United States (1) 6 pts, China (10) 5 pts, Senegal (17) 4 pts, Latvia (26) 3 pts

Qualification Game for Quarterfinals

Evelyn Akhator with six points for Nigeria and Maria Emmanouela Fasoula with seven points for Greece starred in a tied opening quarter. A couple of three-point jump shots from Ezinne Josephine Kalu, and a couple of lay-ups from Promise Amukamara waltzed Nigeria into a five-point cushion heading into the break.

Nigeria stormed Greece in the third quarter with Promise Amukamara fetching nine points from a trio of lay-ups. Despite Maria Emmanouela Fasoula nine-point score in the fourth quarter, Greece lost the match by a solitary point.

Evelyn Akhator
Evelyn Akhator of Nigeria (Image Courtesy: Accelerate TV)

Nigeria (34) defeated Greece (20) 57-56 (15-15, 16-11, 17-11, 9-19) (NIG - Evelyn Akhator 14 pts, 13 rebs; GRE - Maria Emmanouela Fasoula 18 pts, 12 rebs, Styliani Kaltsidou 5 assts)