NBA Rumors: LA Lakers considering moving for 2x NBA finalist, Terry Rozier, and Kelly Oubre Jr. among others

Los Angeles Lakers v Phoenix Suns
LA Lakers' big three look on at the game

Recent NBA rumors regarding the LA Lakers have seen several new developments as of late. With concerns being raised regarding Anthony Davis' health, the Lakers are reportedly looking at several trade prospects as per The Athletic's Jovan Buha.

The LA Lakers are in a rather dismal position yet again this season. After their most recent loss against the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night, the Lakers found themselves falling to 13-17 on the season.

While the primary issue plaguing the team continues to be roster management, the Lakers can blame their recent losses on injuries as well.

Following the game against the Denver Nuggets, the Purple and Gold saw most of their key players out of the rotation. While Russell Westbrook and Austin Reaves were important mentions in this regard, Lakers superstar big man Anthony Davis was a major omission from the game.

Davis left during the game against the Nuggets. Suspected to have suffered an injury, the Lakers had their fears confirmed when Davis' status was made known.

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With the big man expected to miss at least a month of action, the Lakers are in an extremely vulnerable position. Almost at the turn of the year, the Purple and Gold are four games out of .500, a position they aspired to be in come December.

In light of their recent losses and being shortstaffed, the Lakers have been urged to be active on the trading front. With more rumors emerging each day, The Athletic's Jovan Buha added more insight as to who the Lakers are targeting moving forward. As per the report, Buha mentioned:

"In addition to the other names that have been attached to the Lakers, some others to watch that are expected to be available are Jae Crowder, Eric Gordon, Alec Burks, Terry Rozier, P.J. Washington, Kelly Oubre Jr., Josh Richardson and Jakob Poeltl, according to those sources."
Jae Crowder, Eric Gordon, Alec Burks, Terry Rozier, P.J. Washington, Kelly Oubre Jr., Josh Richardson and Jakob Poeltl are names to watch for the Lakers, per @jovanbuha

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The LA Lakers can make trades happen

The LA Lakers' interest in some of these players has been well-documented. With players such as Terrence Ross and Josh Richardson emerging again, the Purple and Gold have also viewed Eric Gordon, Kelly Oubre Jr. and Alec Burks as potential targets.

Jovan Buha's report suggests that the Lakers have an interest in forwards and shooters. However, the Lakers' prudent approach with dealing with their first-round picks may be an issue when considering making trades for role players.

It has been documented that the Lakers are only willing to include their picks in a deal that involves an All-Star level player. In this regard, the Purple and Gold had their eyes set on the Chicago Bulls' big three as well. However, Chicago already expressed their lack of interest in a package that includes Russell Westbrook.

While the notion of trading Patrick Beverley and Kendrick Nunn with a pick is promising, the Lakers aren't necessarily gaining much of an upgrade unless they're stars. To reinforce this, the team continues to follow the practice of pursuing stars rather than solid role players.

In this regard, the Lakers may just gamble all their draft capital away to get a star such as Bradley Beal, who can't really help the team's cause.

Overall, Anthony Davis' absence has undoubtedly had an adverse impact on the team's situation. However, the team's approach to trading continues to weaken their situation.

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