NBA Rumors: Milwaukee Bucks have a 'standing offer' for Jae Crowder

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Jae Crowder shoots a free throw against the Milwaukee Bucks

Recent NBA rumors suggest that the Milwaukee Bucks have a standing offer for Phoenix Suns forward Jae Crowder. Considering that the Bucks have been involved in the Crowder sweepstakes as well, the Suns continue to entertain more offers for their prized forward.

Jae Crowder has been out of action since the offseason. A series of dramatic turns in the offseason saw Crowder opt to sit out the season until he was traded. The forward continues to be out of the rotation as a heavily battered Phoenix team battles for a place in the playoffs.

Jae Crowder's absence was certainly telling during the team's stint without Cam Johnson. While things have gotten better since Johnson's return from injury, the Suns could certainly make use of a player of Crowder's caliber.

With this in mind, Phoenix have entertained several trade offers for the veteran forward. However, they have also been extremely picky with regards to what they are getting in return.

The Suns have garnered interest from several teams from across the league. Some of the frontrunners for the longest time have been the Atlanta Hawks and the Miami Heat. However, a recent report has suggested that the Milwaukee Bucks will also continue to keep their hat in the ring.

The Bucks had shown interest in pursuing Crowder back when their star forward Khris Middleton was out of action due to injury. While this link was overshadowed by the overwhelming interest of Atlanta and Miami, the Bucks may be back in the running.

As per a recent report by Yahoo! Sports, Fansided's Dalton Sell speculated that a three-team trade would see Jae Crowder head to Milwaukee. Sells wrote:

"Despite their best efforts, the Bucks have not been able to pry Crowder away from the Suns, who are seemingly holding out to make a move until the deadline. The Bucks do not have the strongest assets in a trade for Crowder, so getting another team involved to give up some assets would help.
"The Crowder theory is just speculation, but it would make sense for the Bucks, who seem intent on adding the veteran power forward in the next few weeks."
The Milwaukee Bucks have a standing offer for Jae Crowder, per Yahoo Sports

Sells viewed the Washington Wizards as a potential third team involved. Considering their recent move to send Rui Hachimura to LA, the Wizards could make use of a backup big. The Wizards also have the assets to get the Suns' interest in a potential trade.

However, reports of the Hawks and the Heat continue to gather steam ahead of the trade deadline. With both teams having solid assets to add to the mix, the Suns may show more interest in those offers.

Jae Crowder heavily linked with the Atlanta Hawks and the Miami Heat

While the Milwaukee Bucks have been an interested party, the Atlanta Hawks have a much more interesting package to offer for Jae Crowder. With John Collins being included as part of the deal, the Suns are bound to show more interest.

Collins is an interesting asset to include in the deal. As an impressive talent, he could add a lot of upside to the Suns as a starting forward or a backup big. However, the primary concern is his massive contract payout and the Suns' intentions with Cam Johnson.

Acquiring Collins would mean having to give up more assets. In this regard, the Bucks may still have a chance via a three-team trade. As Phoenix pushes things closer to the deadline, the Suns will keep an eye on who blinks first.

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