NBA Rumors: Sources say New York Knicks might get investigated by NBA for tampering in the Jalen Brunson deal

Jalen Brunson reacts to a play against the Utah Jazz.
Jalen Brunson reacts to a play against the Utah Jazz.
Siddhant Gupta

According to NBA rumors, the New York Knicks' acquisition of Jalen Brunson could lead to a tampering investigation. While acquiring the guard has been celebrated in New York, the situation could take a turn for the worse.

The story surrounding Brunson heading to the Knicks was a hot topic early in free agency. Since it was unlikely the Dallas Mavericks were going to offer Brunson a max contract, the guard was heavily favored to join New York.

Given the sheer lack of point guard depth on the Knicks' roster, it seemed likely they would make an aggressive attempt to acquire Brunson. This came to fruition as the Knicks signed Brunson to a four-year, $104 million deal.

But the deal could be subject to an investigation. As reported by Fred Katz of The Athletic, the NBA may investigate tampering with or without an official charge by the other 29 teams.

'Excellent Chance' That NBA Will Investigate Knicks For Tampering In Jalen Brunson Deal…

Tampering in the NBA is suggestive of a member of a particular organization attempting to talk to other players to persuade them to join their team. While this seems a lot like recruiting, there are a few elements that help in differentiating between the two.

The league has made probes into tampering cases in the past as well. Lonzo Ball's acquisition by the Chicago Bulls is a recent case that saw Chicago forfeit draft picks as punishment.

In the context of Brunson going to the Knicks, it may come as a shock at first. But there are some elements that suggest tampering took place.

Brunson himself has agreed to the signing being a "family first" deal.

It's family first for @jalenbrunson1 🤝

While there are elements that suggest some degree of tampering, there is some opposition to it as well. When asked whether he believed that the Knicks tampered with Brunson, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said:

"No, they were perfect. I saw nothing wrong at all. That’s just the business. That’s just the way it works. That’s not my job to determine. That’s up to the NBA."
Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on if he believes the Knicks tampered with Jalen Brunson: “No they were perfect, I saw nothing wrong at all, that’s just the business, that’s just the way it works, that’s not my job to determine, that’s up to the NBA…” #MFFL (🎥: @SiriusXMNBA)

Whether Cuban is right in saying that there was no tampering involved is yet to be determined. With the league potentially taking a look at the deal, there may be more news to come out of New York.

Jalen Brunson's situation with the New York Knicks

Jalen Brunson celebrates as he walks past the scorer's table.
Jalen Brunson celebrates as he walks past the scorer's table.

Jalen Brunson earned his first major contract extension with the New York Knicks. Having signed a four-year, $104 million deal, the guard finds himself in a solid position to succeed near his hometown.

While the situation has its positives, it is equally laced with complications. Joining the franchise in a relatively complicated phase, the 25-year old may face internal strife as the team attempts to establish its own identity.

Featuring the stars like Julius Randle competing with up-and-coming star RJ Barrett, the Knicks are a team in flux. Considering the additional rumors surrounding Donovan Mitchell joining the team, Brunson finds himself in a sticky situation.

While the "family affair" he enjoys with the Knicks may have influenced his decision to join, the overall situation may not favor him in the immediate future.

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