NBA Rumors: Western Conference executive confident of Bradley Beal moving to LA Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers v Washington Wizards
Bradley Beal in action against the LA Lakers

Recent NBA rumors have linked the LA Lakers with Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal. With some speculation regarding a trade being in the works, NBA insider Howard Beck mentioned the thoughts on an NBA executive who believed the Lakers would trade for Beal.

The Purple and Gold are in a rather precarious position at this point in the season. Although it is still early days, the Lakers would certainly hope to be in a better spot than the bottom rung in the Western Conference.

After losing several games that featured two five-game losing streaks, it was evident that the LA Lakers need to make a change. With this in mind, a trade appears to be the only viable solution.

The Purple and Gold are rumored to be in conversation with several teams in this regard. While the Indiana Pacers and San Antonio Spurs are viewed as primary targets, the Lakers may reportedly have another option on their hands.

In an episode of "The Crossover with Chris Mannix and Howard Beck" podcast, Beck mentioned the details of a conversation he had with an NBA executive. Keeping the Lakers' trade options in mind, Beck said that the executive mentioned Washington Wizards superstar Bradley Beal as a target.

Beck recalled the conversation and said:

"So here was the quote from the Western Conference executive I spoke to who had mentioned this,” Beck said. “He says, ‘Washington is the one that I keep thinking that’s going to happen. If you’re the Lakers, don’t you think you can get Bradley Beal? He’s got a no-trade clause. He wants to come to California.’”
Western Conference executive thinks a Bradley Beal trade to the Lakers is ‘going to happen’:…

Bradley Beal signed a massive five-year extension with the Washington Wizards this season. As Beck mentioned, the contract also includes a no-trade clause. However, as per the Western Conference executive, Beal wishes to play in California.

This report also falls in line with a report by Chris Haynes, who mentioned that the Lakers had taken an interest in pursuing Beal.

While the idea is promising, the LA Lakers may face the same inhibiting factor that has restricted them from making a move. With future draft picks on the line, the Purple and Gold may be prudent with their decision.

What would the LA Lakers offer to acquire Bradley Beal?

While the interest in Bradley Beal presents a promising picture for the LA Lakers, hashing out a deal for the Wizards star may be a bit of a task.

As mentioned earlier, Beal signed a massive contract with Washington in the offseason. As the sixth highest-paid player in the NBA, the Lakers wouldn't be helping their financial state by acquiring him.

His asking price also makes it difficult for the Purple and Gold to package a deal for him. While the 2027 and 2029 picks appear to be an obvious addition to any trade, the Lakers are likely to include Russell Westbrook to make the money work.

This presents a rather funny situation as the Lakeshow acquired Westbrook from Washington by trading away a lot of core pieces.

Given the prospective trades available, the LA Lakers may be better served by pursuing role players rather than superstars. With execution being a greater concern, the Purple and Gold are in need of journeymen who are willing to sacrifice for the team.

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