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NBA Trade Options: The best and worst-case scenarios for Joe Harris

Joe Harris
Joe Harris
Modified 25 Oct 2020, 03:56 IST

Despite not making the biggest splash during the 2020 NBA Playoffs, the Brooklyn Nets led by the star duo of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, are going to be a contender for the 2020-21 NBA title. However, the team does have some issues in its roster to resolve. Key players of the team, who have become free agents during the off-season, have attracted interest from many teams, as per NBA trade rumors. One of these players is Joe Harris

Joe Harris is not a very versatile player. He can't create for himself or for others, and he also cannot call the shots for his team. What he can do, however, is make threes after threes, especially when the team needs them the most. However, with his free agency looming over the Brooklyn Nets, it remains to be seen what Joe Harris decides to do.

While only time will tell what decision he makes, here are two teams that are the best and worst-case scenarios for Joe Harris this off-season.

NBA Trade Rumors: A move to the LA Lakers could be the best for Joe Harris

Danny Green
Danny Green's decline has been detrimental for the LA Lakers.

The decline of Danny Green for the LA Lakers has been there for all to see.

The three-time NBA champion simply does not seem to have it in him anymore to perform at the level needed to play for a contender. The Lakers' front office seems to be aware of the same too, as they have reportedly included him in deals for an NBA trade away from the team.

While that would be unfortunate for Danny Green, it would be the perfect opportunity for Joe Harris.

The 29-year-old is exactly the kind of player the LA Lakers are looking for. Couple that with the fact that the team has proven itself capable of winning an NBA Championship, a move for Harris to the Lakers makes absolutely perfect sense.


Considering the same, if the LA Lakers come calling for his services, it would be in Harris' best interest to accept the offer and move away from Brooklyn.

NBA Trade Rumors: Joe Harris needs to stay away from the New York Knicks

The New York Knicks are the worst-case scenario for Joe Harris this off-season.
The New York Knicks are the worst-case scenario for Joe Harris this off-season.

While the New York Knicks have gotten a new head coach in Tom Thibodeau, that would solve only a part of the problem.

In reality, the franchise is nowhere near the playoff picture, and their front office has failed them for the last decade. In fact, the Knicks could arguably be called the worst-run franchise in the entire NBA.

As if that was not enough, the New York Knicks can no longer attract any free agents due to their deporable situation, which means that there is little to no hope of the franchise improving anytime soon.

If Joe Harris were to join the New York Knicks, it would be a downgrade of astronomical proportion for the player, as he would have almost no hope of being an NBA champion with the New York-based franchise.


In that regard, it would be wise for Joe Harris to ignore the New York Knicks if they come calling for his services.

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Published 25 Oct 2020, 03:56 IST
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