Video: Steph Curry creates waves online as he appears in new PGA Tour 2K23 pre-order clip

Golden State Warriors v Dallas Mavericks - Game Three
Golden State Warriors vs. Dallas Mavericks: Game 3.

When it comes to the best NBA players, Steph Curry is near the top of the list. As the face of the Golden State Warriors dynasty, he has cemented himself among the game's greatest talents.

Most know the two-time MVP for his work on the basketball court, but his talents stretch beyond that. In recent years, the Warriors guard has shown that he can be a dead-eye marksman on the basketball court and the golf course.

During the offseason, Curry is regularly seen playing in a variety of golf events and tournaments to showcase his skills. This level of impressive play on the green rivals that of fellow basketball legend Michael Jordan.

With his impressive golf talents becoming well known, the "2K" video game franchise decided to have a little bit of fun. They recently announced that anyone who pre-orders their upcoming PGA Tour game will be able to use Curry as a playable character.

His swing's as clean as his jumper! 👨‍🍳Play as @StephenCurry30 in #PGATOUR2K23!Pre-order today!

Collaborations like this are often seen in the video game world, and should bring some added hype to the upcoming release of "PGA Tour 2K23." With their NBA franchise being one of the best sellers, they should be able to tap into a wide fan base.

Fans react to Steph Curry appearing in PGA Tour 2K23

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors.
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors.

Shortly after the clip was posted on social media, fans quickly shared their thoughts. Based on some of the reactions, it could lead to some fans changing their game preferences for the time being.

@PGATOUR2K @StephenCurry30 Yoooo that’s dope 🏀🔥🔥
@PGATOUR2K @StephenCurry30 It feels like PGA Tour 2K is the offseason mode for NBA2K. lol
@PGATOUR2K @NBA2K @StephenCurry30 Lmaoo am I really about to buy a golf game now?😂😂

One of the more notable names to speak out on the release was Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. As a multi-sport athlete himself, he was hyped to see the Warriors guard get his recognition.

Man this is crazy!!! @StephenCurry30…

One fan had some fun at another NBA legend's expense. Along with being one of the greatest big men in league history, Charles Barkley is also known for his blunders on the golf course. His mishaps have been well documented, which has led to people asking when he will become a playable character in the video game franchise.

All in all, this will be a nice feel-good moment for Curry. Not many people get to see themselves in one video game, let alone two.

The only downside for Curry is that he has minimal time to soak in his newest venture. With the new season almost upon us, the All-Star guard must put all his focus into helping the Warriors defend their title.

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