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Five greatest NBA fights of all time

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The NBA has witnessed its fair share of violence

Basketball, as we know it, has always been a contact sport. And despite the NBA's efforts to keep things as clean as humanly possible, there's always going to be a bit of roughness in the game.

Most of the time, that roughness fizzles out as quickly as it comes, but every now and then, it erupts into an almighty brawl that culminates in multiple fines and suspensions.

Over the years, the league has witnessed several fights, and this list covers five of the best we have ever seen.

So, if your heart can take it -- and we're sure it can, as NBA players make their money on the hardwood and not in the ring anyhow -- go ahead and have a browse.

#5. Willis Reed vs. All of the Lakers

Willis Reed's legendary fight against an entire Los Angeles Lakers squad was beginning to feel like a myth until the footage was finally unearthed a few years ago by ESPN.

The brawl, which took place in 1966, started when Reed got tangled up with Rudy LaRusso. He would turn into a one-man wrecking machine, going at every Laker in his path, even getting off the floor to continue his assault after taking a plunge.

Until ESPN somehow found the video, the fight was simply hearsay. And it's quite fortunate that they did, as we can all get to enjoy the epic battle. Reed and LaRusso were only fined $50 for their actions -- a right slap on the wrist in comparison to the sanctions of today's game.

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