"There's a big thing that we used to use with Kobe all the time" - Performance expert cites Kobe Bryant's example to convey important life advice

Tim Grover talks about Kobe Bryant's obsession
Tim Grover talks about Kobe Bryant's obsession
Akhil Khatri

The late Kobe Bryant spent two decades in the NBA with the LA Lakers, and in that duration left an impression like no other. His commitment and desire to achieve greatness is often talked about to this day, as he has inspired many generations since.

Bryant always tried to put himself in a better position to compete. In 2007, with looming knee issues, Bryant started working with Tim Grover, a personal trainer who helped Michael Jordan build strength. Grover showed success with the work he put in with Jordan, and that landed him a gig with Bryant – along with access to two of the NBA's great minds.


Through their working relationship, Grover benefited as well – learning quite a bit about what drove Bryant. He has rightfully included some of that wisdom in his recently published book, "Winning: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness."

On "The Diary of a CEO" podcast run by Steven Bartlett, Grover shared some of that wisdom.

Grover touched upon the difference between interest and obsession, and how he’s used Bryant’s example to convey that message multiple times. Grover said:

“There's a big thing that we used to use with Kobe all the time.”

Grover explained how an interested person is different from an obsessed person – and how the latter is most likely to change the world. He said:

“You can’t be interested, and you can’t be obsessed. Interested is a hobby. Kobe Bryant was not interested in winning championships; he was obsessed.
“And obsession comes in the small details that nobody pays attention to. And I have a saying all right: ‘Interested people watch obsessed people change the world.’”

Bryant’s obsession for the sport and for achieving greatness in the league helped him win five championships and etch his name in NBA history. But more importantly, Bryant’s determination inspired many youngsters to take up the sport – and the will to achieve greatness by putting in the necessary effort.

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Bryant created a legacy that lives on to this day, with stars like Jayson Tatum, Devin Booker and DeMar DeRozan, to name a few, still trying to emulate his game style. The lesson here, as explained by Grover, is to be obsessed with your craft – whatever it maybe – and focus on every little detail on the road to success.

Michael Jordan warned Kobe Bryant about Tim Grover’s working style

On the road to greatness, one is often pushed to the limits in order to be prepared for any adversity that comes. Michael Jordan’s hurdle, early in his career, was the physicality that the Detroit Pistons played with. And Jordan was not going to sit back and wait for things to get better. He took action by choosing Tim Grover to be his physical trainer – who helped him acquire the necessary strength.


However, it is obvious that it wouldn’t have been easy. In what Grover told the magazine, GQ, when Kobe Bryant enquired about the trainer, Jordan claimed that Grover knew his stuff but also added:

“Man, Grover really, really knows his stuff. But he’s the biggest a**hole you will ever meet.”

Despite the warning, Bryant went ahead with Grover and worked with him from 2007 to 2012. During that span, Bryant was able to get advice on how to reduce the impact to his knees and also won a couple more championships.

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