“We’re going to have call this Jordan the WOAT, the worst of all time, because he is” - Skip Bayless criticizes Michael Jordan’s ownership record, says he’s clearly proven to be the worst operator of a NBA franchise

Skip Bayless believes that Jordan is the worst owner of all time.
Skip Bayless believes that Jordan is the worst owner of all time.

Despite being one of most prominent fans of Michael Jordan, the basketball player, Skip Bayless criticized Jordan, the Charlotte Hornets owner.

Bayless has developed a reputation as one of Jordan's staunchest supporters. His faith in Jordan has led to intense debates over whether or not Jordan is the GOAT as a player. But he feels differently about him as an owner. In fact, Bayless feels the opposite about Jordan as an owner.

"Michael Jordan has clearly proven to be the worst owner and operator of an NBA franchise ever, the worst GM, and the worst team builder ever, so I guess we're going to have to call this Jordan the WOAT, the worst of all time because he is," Bayless said.

While calling Jordan the worst owner of all time may be extreme, Bayless made a compelling case:

"Quick lowlights since he took over the franchise: three playoff appearances in 17 years, lost in the first round each time, got swept in 2010, swept in 2014, did take the Heat to seven in 2016 but still lost in the first round. Michael Jordan was the man who took Adam Morrison over Brandon Roy, and I tried to warn him back in my days on "Cold Pizza.'"

Bayless listed every draft mistake Jordan has ever made during his tenure as the Hornets owner:

"Michael took Kemba (Walker) over Klay (Thompson) and Kawhi (Leonard). Michael took Michael Kidd-Gilchrist over Bradley Beal and Dame (Lillard). Cody Zeller over Giannis (Antetokounmpo). Noah Vonleh over Zach Levine. Frank Kaminsky over Devin Booker.
"I'll even throw in Malik Monk, even though he had his moments with the Lakers. But he took Malik Monk over Donovan Mitchell. Wrong! Wrong! Wronger!"

While there are owners with worse drafting records, Jordan's record is terrible, mainly since he played in the NBA and should know talent. Still, it appears that Jordan has the Hornets turning the corner.


Michael Jordan aims to turn the corner of his tenure as the Charlotte Hornets' owner

Jordan is attempting to hire a head coach who can fix the Charlotte Hornets.
Jordan is attempting to hire a head coach who can fix the Charlotte Hornets.

While Skip Bayless has a point about how bad the Charlotte Hornets have been under Michael Jordan, the team is heading in the right direction. Young stars like LaMelo Ball are leading the team upwards, and a new head coach is on the way.

The Hornets are in the final steps of hiring their next head coach. Either Golden State Warriors assistant coach Kenny Atkinson or coaching veteran Mike D'Antoni will lead Charlotte.

As the franchise’s coaching search nears an end, the Charlotte Hornets are set to bring Mike D’Antoni to meet with owner Michael Jordan later this week, sources tell ESPN. D’Antoni will follow Golden State assistant Kenny Atkinson, who’s expected to meet with Jordan on Tuesday.

While neither coach is guaranteed to fix the Hornets, both are respected coaches with systems that fit the current Charlotte roster. If Jordan gets this hire right, he could begin redeeming himself as an owner.

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