What is the NBA Trophy made of? Makers, design details and origin of the Larry O'Brien, explored

NBA: Finals-Dallas Mavericks at Boston Celtics
What is the NBA Trophy made of? Makers, design details and origin of the Larry O'Brien, explored

The Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy is more than a photo op for victorious teams. It's a radiant symbol of commitment, persistence and triumph in professional basketball. Its gleaming appearance and intricate design make it a standout piece of sports memorabilia.

Lifting the Larry O'Brien Trophy is every NBA player's dream. It means not only a strong season of hard work, talent and spirit - but the culture and heritage of the sport. The trophy's shiny exterior and the detail of each trophy's inception reflect the honor that comes with being the cream of the crop in the NBA.

However, do you know what the Beautiful trophy is made of, and what is the history behind this mythical design? So read on and get to know some of the long established craft and history in this illustrious award.

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The makers and materials behind the NBA trophy

Larry O'Brien Trophy
Larry O'Brien Trophy

For over 45 years, one of the most iconic jewelers in American history Tiffany & Co. partnered with the NBA to craft the most sought-after and prestigious trophy in all of sports - the Larry O'Brien Trophy, which is presented to the NBA Champion each year.

The trophy has recently been given a little nip and a tuck, with a slick new look for the net and the moving ball.

Since the NBA's 75th anniversary season, the new look includes 24-karat gold vermeil with a sterling silver base and exposed silver seams, developed with basketball-inspired artist Victor Solomon.

Design details of the NBA trophy

NBA: Finals-Dallas Mavericks at Boston Celtics
NBA: Finals-Dallas Mavericks at Boston Celtics

The Larry O'Brien Trophy design is simplistic and symbolic. There's a basketball going into a net, which symbolizes the end of the NBA season and the championship for Basketball. The ball is a full nine inches in diameter, as big as a real NBA basketball.

The name of the winning team and the year they win it is engraved on the trophy each year, which builds up the history and uniqueness of the trophy. The Tiffany & Co. craft ensures that every trophy is a piece of art that embodies the caliber and accomplishment it epitomizes.

How the NBA trophy became the Larry O'Brien trophy?

The origin of the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy dates back to the NBA's founding.

The NBA championship trophy used to be called the Walter A. Brown Trophy as it was named after the Boston Celtics' first majority owner. However, by 1977, the trophy was given the name that still stands today, which was to commemorate former NBA Commissioner Larry O'Brien, who held office from 1975 to 1984.


As a commissioner of the NBA, O'Brien helped bring about the ABA-NBA merger that expanded the league from 18 teams to 23 two years earlier.

O'Brien also deal struck a multimillion-dollar TV deal with CBS that set the company on a new course higher than ever to reach more American living rooms with greater ease. His commissioner days saw stadium attendance shoot through the roof as well, along with the television audiences.

The Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy is more than just a piece of hardware. It's a symbol of the pinnacle of professional basketball.

With all of its accompanying history and ongoing evolution, the trophy represents not just the sport at its best but the greatest dream of all athletes worldwide to play in it and to win it.

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