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When Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors met a real life champion

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What makes sport beautiful?

The tactics, the gameplay and the effort from the athletes all play a major role in defining the beauty of sports. But the real beauty lies in the wonderful bond an athlete shares with his or her fans. The way a supporter backs his hero when the chips are down, Emotes with him through the highs and the lows, and shows unconditional support is something heartwarming. In fact, it is in these moments that athletes rise above themselves defying the odds to achieve greatness. Millions of fans all around the globe have ONE dream. To meet their sporting heroes in the flesh or even get a glimpse of them from a few yards away.

Over the years, we have heard many heartwarming stories of athletes surprising their fans, spending time them, talking to them and proving how much all the support means to them. In another intriguing story reigning MVP Stephen Curry and his team the Golden State Warriors were introduced to a special fan by coach Kerr and what went down will give you goosebumps.

Ezra Frech: Not any normal child

Ezra Frech is no ordinary 10-year-old. Born with a very rare medical condition, he was a double amputee by the time he knew the world. Now one might feel bad for the child and pour out sympathies but what transcribed is a story that every sports fan must know.

The youngster underwent surgery on both his limbs on the left side and was given a prosthetic leg. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Ezra. His unreal passion for sports since the age of 4 saw him watching the scoreboard from the sidelines at most LA Lakers games.

Blessed with talent, Ezra started excelling in various sports like basketball, soccer, American football and even snowboarding. His endless list of achievements speak enormously about his ability.

Ezra Frech
Ezra Frech in action during an event

Steve Kerr called up the 10-year-old to one of the training sessions of the reigning NBA Champions and it raised quite a few eyebrows. In stark contrast to the usual situation where a fan is awestruck when he meets his heroes, this time, the NBA Champs were left spellbound following Ezra’s speech.

In addition to being an athlete, Ezra is a motivational speaker as well. There is a charm about the way he speaks which leaves a lasting impression on one’s mind. The maturity this 10-year-old shows is quite amazing. Statements like, “You can Dream it; you can hope for it, you can make it happen”; “Focus on what you have rather than what you don’t have”, are a testament to that fact.

In this corporate era where overpaid athletes expect prima donna treatment Ezra’s story is a lesson in determination, commitment and humility. It would only be right to say this youngster's story has once again reminded us the true essence of sports.

Ezra's dream to play in the NBA will inspire millions of people around the globe. Kudos to Mr. Kerr and his team for acknowledging this special fan of theirs and thus inspiring many such differently abled sports fans throughout the world to compete at the highest level. And yes I certainly hope to see EZRA FRECH #24 MVP go up in the Staples center in the near future. I am “TEAM EZRA” are you?

You can watch the inspiring video of Ezra and the Warriors here

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