Who is Steve Nash's ex-wife Alejandra Amarilla? All you need to know

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Steve Nash was married to Alejandra Amarilla for six years (Image via Getty Images)

Steve Nash had a glorious career as an NBA player. He was one of the most talented point guards in the league and his Phoenix Suns were a well-oiled offensive machine with him on the floor.

Unfortunately, Nash's coaching career hasn't been as pretty, and neither has his private life. The basketball legend married Alejandra Amarilla in 2005, but the two ended up getting a divorce a couple of years later.

This article will reveal everything you need to know about Alejandra Amarilla, Steve Nash's ex-wife. Let's take a look at her personal life and her relationship with the eight-time All-Star.

Who is Alejandra Amarilla, Steve Nash's ex-wife?

Alejandra Amarilla was born in Paraguay in 1974. Her father worked for the United Nations, which is why she's frequently moved and has lived in many different countries.

In her interview with Arizona Foothills, Alejandra revealed that her favorite country she's lived in was Nicaragua. She loved beaches, people, and the country made her feel warm.

Nash was married to Alejandra for six years (Image via Getty Images)
Nash was married to Alejandra for six years (Image via Getty Images)

Amarilla also revealed that she loved experiencing different cultures and meeting various people. Just like she's traveled with her family, she wants to take her own kids on trips all around the world.

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Nash's ex-wife has also worked on a documentary film about transforming the lives of children and their families. The story takes place in Amarilla's native country, Paraguay.

Alejandra Amarilla allegedly cheated on Nash with his teammate

Steve met Alejandra in New York City in 2001. The point guard then played for the Dallas Mavericks and had a breakout season, averaging 15.6 points and 7.3 assists.

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The couple welcomed twin daughters, Lola and Bella, in October 2004. Less than a year after this, Steve and Alejandra decided to tie the knot. Their marriage was seemingly fine as they welcomed their third child in November 2010. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

"This is a bittersweet moment for my wife and I," the former basketball player said after the birth of his son. "After five years, we are now in the process of dissolving our marriage."
Nash and Alejandra filed for divorce shortly after the birth of their son (Image via Getty Images)
Nash and Alejandra filed for divorce shortly after the birth of their son (Image via Getty Images)

In the same statement, the basketball legend revealed that he and his wife had been separated for a couple of months.

"While we have lived separately for the past several months, we remain firmly committed to raising our children in the most positive, nurturing way possible."

According to rumors, Alejandra Amarilla cheated on Steve Nash with Jason Richardson, his teammate. While these rumors have never been confirmed, it's interesting that the Phoenix Suns traded Richardson to the Orlando Magic in December 2010.

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