Why are duck boats used in Boston Celtics parades? Exploring the origins of the tradition

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The origin of Duck Boats in Boston Celtics championship parade

Boston Celtics are placed at the top after the iconic franchise won its 18th NBA title, the highest by any team in NBA history. The franchise has an iconic way of celebrating and going about its championship parade. Other teams use buses to travel across the city with the trophy, but not the Celtics.

The Celtics use duck boats because they are uniquely made and allow the players to be close but not too close to their fans. They are constructed in a way that enables them to travel on the streets of the city and when the need arises, they can also travel through the water.

The Celtics use duck boats to transport the championship players across the city. All the major sports teams based in Boston, including the Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, New England Patriots and the Boston Celtics, follow this tradition.

The duck boats have been used in Boston for city tours since 1994. However, the tradition of the duck coat being used for championship parades started in 2002. Thomas Menino, the mayor of Boston in 2002, suggested that the championship teams use duck boats for the championship parade.

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In 2002, when the New England Patriots won their first Super Bowl, duck boats were used. Since then, the duck boat tradition has remained in the hearts of Boston fans. The 2024 championship team will use the duck boat for the second time since 2008.

While the Celtics have used duck boats twice (2008, 2024), the New England Patriots have used them six times. The Boston Red Sox has used duck boats four times, while the Boston Bruins have used them twice.

The construction of duck boats and the schedule of the Boston Celtics parade

The duck boats used by the Boston Celtics are painted in different colors, which adds to the aesthetics of the parade. They carry the players across Boston, on land, and water. Since being introduced in 2002, the duck boats have been used 12 times by different teams.

The crew of Jayson Tatum and Co. will be rolling on the streets on Friday with the championship trophy. The tour will start at 11 a.m. from the TD Garden and should last for close to one and a half hours.

According to KYFR TV, the parade will start from the team's arena, then take the first turn to Causeway Street, and pass through Boston Common. It will then pass through Boylston Street. The tour will end at Hynes Convention Center.

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