"You're just thieving the joy out of a lot of things when you just compare" - Draymond Green and former Lakers star discuss comparisons between Jordan’s Bulls and 2017 Warriors

Dallas Mavericks v Golden State Warriors
Dallas Mavericks v Golden State Warriors
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Draymond Green recently admitted that he finds comparing eras pointless and it makes the game of basketball uninteresting. Together with Washington Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma, both stars share the sentiment of being compared to past generations.

Comparisons between players and teams from yesterday and today have long existed in the NBA. The most common comparisons were about players. Fans and the media have long debated which player is greater, Michael Jordan or LeBron James.

The idea of comparing individual accomplishments has been used by many to fuel their reasoning.

With the emergence of superteams, there came new topics for debates for almost every fan. Superstars teaming up with other superstars have been frequent in recent years and the debate about which team is better is getting more recognized.

A few weeks ago, Warriors star Draymond Green sent out a tweet about his take on generational comparisons.

Question… When they be comparing Era’s are they taking into consideration the drastic differences In style of play? Regardless of the answer, it’s very dumb to compare one era to the next era.

While some agreed with his take on the matter, that doesn't mean that the comparisons will stop. A new episode of the Draymond Green Show recently dropped with Kyle Kuzma as his guest.

Together, they discussed what they think of why it's pointless to argue which generation is better than the other.

"It's oblivious. It makes no sense," Kuzma said when asked about what he feels about compating eras. "You're just thieving the joy out of a lot of things when you just compare."

Green finished with this analogy:

"Can you compare AOL to high-speed internet of today? Was AOL great when we used it? But just because the internet great, doesn't mean AOL wasn't great when it was being used, right? Why in the f**k can't we do that with basketball?"

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Draymond Green's argument about pointlessly comparing eras is valid

Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings
Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings

Draymond Green may come off as a bit aggressive towards others. However, the four-time All-Star makes a compelling reason for the same.

As great as the players from the past were, their level of talent is far different from the players of today. Right now, players have better equipment, training, facilities and have are more focused on basketball.

Referring back to what the legendary Jerry West said when he addressed JJ Redick, most players back then didn't dedicate all their time to basketball.

Due to insufficient financing at the time, most players had to get a different job over the summer instead of working on developing their game.

Jerry West on JJ Redick's "plumbers" comments "He's a smart kid but tell me what his career looks like. What did he do that determined games? He averaged 12 PTS a game. Somewhere along the way numbers count."Watch @SiriusXMNBA video for the full quote

Additionally, the rules are far different to what everyone's accustomed to right now.

Meanwhile, during the 90's, the game evolved even more. Players were able to learn and run different kinds of systems. However, they were still relying on getting easier shots at the rim and there were only a few players that were capable of being effective outside the paint.

Right now, everyone thinks that the game of basketball is at its peak. The entire court is being used to the offense's advantage and most teams run a fast-paced system.

Draymond Green is right. But one aspect that people should take note of is that he's not disrespecting the ones who came before him.

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