How to unlock Kar98k in Warzone and MW3  

Unlocking criteria of Kar98k in Warzone and MW3 Season 4 (Image via Activision)
Unlocking criteria of Kar98k in Warzone and MW3 Season 4 (Image via Activision)

After much anticipation, Call of Duty has finally added the Kar98k in Warzone and MW3 Season 4. As such, many players may want to know how to unlock it. A recent blog has revealed a lot of information regarding the upcoming update, mentioning that the games will receive four new weapons in Season 4.

The Kar98k and Superi 46 SMG will be available at S4's launch, though certain criteria must be fulfilled to unlock them. The other two weapons, the Reclaimer 18 shotgun and Sledgehammer melee, will be included after the next mid-season Reloaded update.

This article tells you how you can unlock the Kar98k in Warzone and MW3 Season 4.

How to get Kar98k in Warzone and MW3

Season 4 Battle Pass sectors (Image via Activision)
Season 4 Battle Pass sectors (Image via Activision)

The Kar98k will be a marksman rifle instead of a sniper one in Warzone and MW3 Season 4, and you will be able to unlock it for free by completing Sector 5 of the Battle Pass. However, at the moment, you cannot get it, as Season 3 has not yet concluded.

Season 4 will go live on May 29, 2024, at 9 am PT. After that, you can grind the new Battle Pass, unlock this weapon, and enjoy it in your matches. According to the official announcement, this will be a "modernized version of a WWII bolt-action rifle" that offers superior accuracy and high damage output with a slow rate of fire. It was last seen in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

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What is Kar98k in Warzone and MW3?

This "archaic-looking" rifle can shoot only five rounds before needing a reload and has 10 rounds in reserve. While it may seem unappealing to new players, veteran players will recognize its potential. This iconic weapon is capable of delivering some of the hardest-hitting and most accurate long-range shots.

The gun has quick ADS speed, massive damage, and limited flinch. Additionally, its small iron sight is effective and can be used to acquire rapid takedowns across any distance.

Once you unlock this weapon, you'll be able to level it up to 16. You need to equip this weapon and play matches with it in Modern Warfare 3 or Warzone to level it up and unlock various attachments that can further enhance the gun. Doing so will allow you to use it to its maximum potential.

If you purchase the S4 Battle Pass, you will receive a beautiful, green-themed blueprint for the Kar98k after completing Sector 15.

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