Can I play Horizon Call of the Mountain without VR?

Last Modified Mar 02, 2023 04:42 GMT
Source: Guerilla Games

Horizon Call of the Mountain can’t be played without VR hardware as this game is a PSVR2 release.

Horizon Call of the Mountain is a PlayStation VR2 video game created by Firesprite and Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was released on February 22, 2023.

Ryas, a Shadow Carja prisoner looking to redeem himself by uncovering a new threat to the Sundom, is the game's protagonist. Aloy, as well as other returning and new characters, will appear in the game's plot.

Why is Horizon Call of the Mountain so unique?

Call of the Mountain is Sony's first-party launch showpiece for the PlayStation VR 2, the gaming giant's perfect new virtual reality gear. The game, a spinoff of the PlayStation 4 hit Horizon Zero Dawn, and its PlayStation 5 sequel Horizon Forbidden West, mixes climbing and archery, two of the most singularly delightful things to perform in VR.

The environment is realistic and beautiful, with green woods, palpably frozen icescapes, and rusted post-apocalyptic ruins. It transforms VR eye tracking into a natural mechanism.

Can I play Horizon Call of the Mountain without VR?

No, players won’t be able to play this game without VR. Sony confirmed Call of the Mountain as a PSVR 2 launch title earlier this week. It implies the game, which places players in the shoes of an entirely new character, will be released in February 2023.

Yet, other gamers on the series' subreddit believe there are numerous reasons why they will be skipping the franchise's upcoming installment. For some, the issue is simply one of expense. The PSVR 2 costs $600, which is more than a PS5, and if you're not a VR enthusiast, that's a lot to spend for access to a single game.

Some are expecting that the game will ultimately find its way to PC, where VR enthusiasts already have a functional setup. Even if Sony allows its most significant exclusive to migrate to a new platform, the wait will be considerable - Horizon Zero Dawn took three years to move to Steam.

Why aren’t fans overall pleased with Horizon Call of the Mountain?

While some fans may be thrilled with Horizon's positioning as the "killer app" for the PSVR 2, others hope they won't lose out on the franchise's entire tale. Aloy will not be the primary character in Call of the Mountain.

Still, she will appear in the game, and those planning to play may want to avoid her appearance as it could have significant repercussions for the franchise's mythology. If it occurs, fans will flock to streams to catch up.


Q. Is Horizon Call of the Mountain only for VR?

A. Horizon Call of the Mountain is a unique VR game built from the ground up for the PSVR2, which tells the adventure of Ryas, a disgraced former Carja Solider seeking redemption. Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, not available to play in VR, instead follow Aloy's adventures.

Q. Can you play a ps4 VR game without VR?

A. Many games that support PSVR can be played without it, but dedicated PSVR titles designed to be played with PSVR in mind require the headset. These last games offer the best VR experiences.

Q. Will Horizon Call of the Mountain be on PC?

A. Horizon Call of the Mountain will be available exclusively for the PS5. While I wouldn't rule out a PC release, Sony likely wants to keep this title exclusive until it gets enough sales of the PSVR 2.