Disguised Toast Net Worth

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Disguised Toast

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang is a Canadian content creator, Twitch streamer, YouTuber and a member of OfflineTV. According to Net Worth Spot, his net worth is estimated at around USD 2.7 million.

He got his start in the world of content creation by creating informational videos on Hearthstone, Blizzard Entertainment’s turn-and-strategy-based card game. He has also participated in several Hearthstone tournaments and has won one of them. Disguised Toast, or Toast, as he is usually referred to, has also participated and ranked within the top 10 bracket in tournaments held for League of Legends and Apex Legends.

The 32-year-old streamer made headlines in 2019 when he announced his move to Facebook Gaming after signing a deal with the platform. However, he re-signed with Twitch in November 2021 which has only helped increase his popularity. Wang now has two Twitch channels.

He has a combined total of 4.4 million subscribers on his two YouTube channels and holds almost over 2.8 million followers on Twitch. He has been banned from Twitch once and also had several accusations made against him for his past behavior.

Real Name
Jeremy Wang
DOBNovember 25, 1991
Height5 feet 8 inches
AddressLos Angeles, California
Marital Status/PartnerSingle/Unknown
Source of WealthOnline content creation, sponsorships, donations
Net WorthUSD 2.7 million

Disguised Toast Net Worth (2023)

According to Net Worth Spot, Disguised Toast's net worth is estimated to be around USD 2.7 million. The streamer had an exclusive contract with Facebook between 2019 and 2021 but re-signed with Twitch in late 2021. He has also secured and carried out a number of sponsorship arrangements.

Toast is a member of the Offline TV collective, which provides him with numerous commercial options as well as sponsorships. Additionally, he also has an esports team called Disguised (DSG).

Sources of Income

As a streamer, content creator and entrepreneur, Jeremy Wang has multiple sources of income. That includes both his Twitch and YouTube channels although his earnings during his time with Facebook Gaming are undisclosed. However, he has stated on stream before that he earns a good amount of money from the platform.

Furthermore, Disguised Toast also gets donations, advertisements, subscriptions, sponsorships and brand endorsements through various sources although the income generated has never been publicly revealed.


According to Social Blade, Disguised Toast’s main channel generated over 9 million views in the past 30 days. The channel generates between USD 2.3k - 36.3k per month, and between USD 27.2k - 435.5k per year. The channel has over 1.2 billion views till date.


Disguised Toast earned $14k per month from his 4k subscriber average on Twitch prior to leaving the platform in 2019. That was before his switch to Facebook Gaming in 2019, however, Toast returned to the Google-owned network in November 2021, signing a multi-million dollar exclusivity contract.

Toast now averages roughly 3k to 5k subscribers every month, which would net him $14.5k to $20k per month, or $200k to $240k per year. In addition to this figure, he receives a mysterious sum of money each month through donations made to him via his streams.

Sponsorship Deals

The amount of income Disguised Toast has generated from sponsorship deals is unknown to the public. Some of the brands that have sponsored his streams are NCSoft (for Lineage 2: Revolution), Stunlock Studios (for Battlerite), Respawn Entertainment (for Apex Legends), Amazon, HyperX, HTC Gaming, and Nexon (for Maplestory 2).

Earnings from other avenues

According to his most notable tournament rankings, Disguised Toast has won an approximate amount of $26,150 in prize money. Out of that, $4.3k was won as a result of ranking first place in 2 competitions; one for League of Legends and one for Hearthstone. Toast also sells merchandise under the “Disguised Toast” brand, however, his earnings from the avenue are unknown.


Disguised Toast disclosed in a recent stream that his Esports team, Disguised (DSG), presently costs over US$500,000 each year. He also acknowledged paying his players from his own pocket. This was due to the fact that they didn't make any money by qualifying for NA Challengers and that getting sponsors to assist him finance the team would take time.


Q. What does Disguised Toast mean?

A. The name Disguised Toast is a reference to “SI:7 Agent,” a playable card in Hearthstone. The voice-line played when the card is used in a match is “This guy’s toast,” which sounds similar to “Disguised Toast.”

Q. Is Disguised Toast single?

A. Disguised Toast used to date Janet a.k.a xChocoBars but the pair announced their mutual break-up around the beginning of 2020. The two are on good terms and many others regarded their handling of the situation as classy and mature.

Q. How much does Disguised Toast earn?

A. Disguised Toast earns between USD 28k - 435k per year just from his YouTube channel and his earnings from his streams on the Facebook Gaming platform are unknown. He also earns an additional amount from carrying out sponsorship deals.

Q. Where does Disguised Toast stream?

A. Toast originally used Twitch as his primary streaming platform but signed a deal with Facebook Gaming during the latter half of 2019. He now primarily streams his gameplay and other content on the platform, but his contract allows for him to stream on Twitch so long as he doesn’t show any gameplay.

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