FIFA 23 Cheapest 85 Rated Players

Last Modified Oct 13, 2022 15:49 GMT
(Source: FIFA23 Screengrab)

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team features a variety of in-game challenges such as Squad Building Challenges (SBC) which players can complete at the cost of in-game items. The game also offers a variety of talent for its player base to utilize in such endeavours. To partake in these in-game challenges, players must acquire certain items that suit the conditions of the SBC.

For example, an SBC that rewards players with a 90-rated player upon completion may require players to use several items of a higher rating to balance the squad rating, team chemistry and similar conditions that are required to complete the SBC.

Taking such SBCs into consideration, the FIFA 23 playerbase will look to the cheapest option in the market to cater to their needs. Listed below are 10 of the cheapest 85-rated players in FIFA 23.

Ilkay Gündogan

Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gündogan can be acquired for a bargain in FIFA 23. The German midfielder is an experienced CM who can also play as a CDM if required. FIFA 23 players can acquire Gündogan for 8,200 on Xbox/PS and 9,300 on PC. He is the most expensive player on the list.

Paul Pogba

French superstar Paul Pogba is available for a fair price on FIFA 23. The Juventus midfielder is adept as a CM and has the potential to play in CDM and LM positions as well. Pogba costs 8,200 on Xbox/PS and 8,500 on PC.

Serge Gnabry

Bayern Munich midfielder Serge Gnabry is a prolific player who can bring a lot of value to the team with his pace and dribbling attributes. FIFA 23 players can position the German as both a RW and a RM, based on their requirements. Gnabry costs 8,500 on Xbox/PS and 8,000 on PC.

Péter Gulácsi

Players can look to acquire Hungarian veteran Péter Gulácsi for a fairly affordable price in FIFA 23. The RB Leipzig goalkeeper (GK) costs 8,200 on Xbox/PS and 8,100 on PC.

Marcos Acuña

Argentine international Marcos Acuña is the most affordable option for an 85-rated fullback in FIFA 23. The Sevilla FC left-back (LB) is also efficient as a LWB. Acuña costs 8,300 on Xbox/PS and 8,000 on PC.

Sergio Busquets

Veteran midfielder Sergio Busquets will be a familiar face on the list for several FIFA enthusiasts. This Spanish international plays the role of a CDM for the Spanish giants, FC Barcelona. Busquets costs 8,200 on Xbox/PS and 8,000 on PC.

Filip Kostić

Serbian international, Filip Kostić, is one of the cheapest and most efficient options for an 85-rated wide midfielder in FIFA 23. This Juventus midfielder is primarily a LM, but can fill in for LWB and LW roles as well. Kostić costs 8,100 on Xbox/PS as well as PC.

Jamie Vardy

English striker Jamie Vardy is one of Premier League’s most acclaimed goalscorers. The Leicester City forward is a cost-effective choice for a striker (ST) who can also play the role of a center-forward (CF). Vardy costs 8,200 on Xbox/PS and 7,900 on PC.

Yann Sommer

Swiss goalkeeper Yann Sommer is the cheapest option for an 85-rated goalkeeper in FIFA 23. The Borussia Monchengladbach player is available for 8,100 on Xbox/PS and 8,000 on PC.

Iago Aspas

The cheapest player on the list is Iago Aspas, a Spanish international who plays for the Spanish club RC Celta as a Striker (ST). Aspas costs 8,000 on Xbox/PS and 7,800 on PC.