How tall is Amouranth?

Last Modified Jan 07, 2023 15:03 GMT
Source- Amouranth’s Twitter

As per various websites, Amouranth's height stands at 5 feet 4 inches. Amouranth, whose actual name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, is an American Twitch streamer and famous social media figure. She is known for being a brilliant cosplayer and for her ASMR Twitch live streams. Growing up, Amouranth spent most of her time playing video games and watching anime and she was very much keen on the entertainment world, especially cosplay.

Her love for cosplaying grew and it was her aunt who taught her how to sew. Amouranth won her first local convention by dressing up as princess Zelda. Talking about her education, she completed her education at a local private school in Houston and for college, she studied fashion design and theatrical costume design. Due to her talent, she was recommended to the Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet as a costume designer.

What is Amouranth famous for?

Source- Amouranth’s Twitch

Amouranth is mainly famous for being a brilliant cosplayer and for the content that she uploads on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Amouranth is known for not sticking to a type of particular content, she often explores and creates a variety of content like dancing, ASMR, hot tub streaming, cosplaying for her fans on Livestream, gaming content, and many more.

It was 2016 when the social media platform Twitch themselves approached Amouranth and invited her to create content on the platform. Within three years, Amouranth went on to be the most-watched female creator streaming in English from July to September. With the viewership, her fan following also skyrocketed. Not only on Twitch and YouTube, but the cosplayer also gained a lot of traction on Instagram and TikTok too.

Other than all of this, Amouranth was also famous for her OnlyFans account where she created 'suggestive' content. According to reports, she earned around $33 million through her content on OnlyFans. However, in April 2022, she announced that she was quitting her OnlyFans account and had decided to focus on her Twitch streams from there on.

How many followers does Amouranth have?

Source- Amouranth’s Twitter

Amouranth has made his presence available on every social media platform possible and is pretty active on them. Starting with Twitch, Amouranth has a massive fan following of 6.1 million followers on the streaming platform. She had over a million subscribers on her primary and secondary channels on YouTube. On Twitter, Amouranth has around 1.8 million followers. On Instagram, Amouranth had over 440k followers. She was banned from the social media platform as her content included 'nudity' which is against the guidelines of Instagram.

Amouranth was also banned from Twitch five times for multiple reasons. However, she always managed to make a comeback. Currently, she is pretty busy creating Twitch and YouTube content.

What is Amouranth's net worth?

Source- Amouranth’s Twitter

Amouranth has an estimated net worth of approximately $4 million, as of October 2022. She makes most of her earnings from her streams on Twitch and her videos on YouTube. The streamer also earns revenue from renting the gas station that she purchased back in November 2021. Amouranth also owns a pool toy company recently.


Q. How old is Amouranth?

A. Amouranth was born on December 2, 1993. She will be 30 years old this year.

Q. Is Amouranth still on OnlyFans?

A. No, Amouranth decided to leave the platform back in April 2022. She is not on OnlyFans.

Q. Who was Amouranth's husband?

A. Nick Lee was Amouranth's husband. The two had gotten married in 2016 and they separated back in 2022.