How to do a Power Shot in FIFA 23?

Last Modified Dec 07, 2022 14:51 GMT
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FIFA 23 comes with a plethora of new mechanics. However, the most interesting one is the power shot. As the name suggests, players can put the ball into the net with tremendous power. However, accumulating enough power comes with the sacrifice of speed which opens room to be vulnerable to defenders. It's a tricky move to master, but you can score plenty of power shots with some practice.

How to do a power shot in FIFA 23?

The key to doing a power shot lies behind the time taken to charge it. The more you set for the power shot, the better. The camera zooms toward the player in the instance while taking the shot. However, this takes much longer than a typical shot, which is where the risk lies. To perform a power shot, you must hold the bumper LB and RB or L1 and R1, and then hold B or circle to shoot in PlayStation or Xbox, respectively.

How to score with a power shot in FIFA 23?

Even though players might think power shots are most effective up close, they're not. When used from a farther distance, they're most efficient. They're also helpful in 1v1 situations with the goalkeeper, as power shots increase the probability of scoring. Power shots take some intervals for the wind-up time. Keeping that in mind, taking power shots from outside the box can create a probability of scoring a goal. Remember to aim properly, as taking a shot like usual will send it rocketing!

How to turn off the power shot zoom in FIFA 23?

While winding up for the power shot, the zoom effect can be quite distracting as it narrows down the vision of the surrounding field. Despite adding the cinematic factor during the shot, this can irritate some players, so FIFA 23 can turn off this zoom effect. Go to the setting in the pause menu and use the toggles to access the camera settings, and then scroll down to find power shot zoom. You can turn it off from there.

Is the Power Shot that easy?

While taking the power shot, winding up for the shot leaves your player open to defenders. Here are a few things to remember while taking the power shot in FIFA 23. The aim is completely flexible while taking the power shot, which means you have full control over it. Since this shot differs from the usual one, you must be pretty accurate. FIFA 23 power shots do not assist you at all, so the accuracy and placement of your shot all come down to you.


Q. How to perform flair shots in FIFA 23?

A. If you're playing on PlayStation, hold down the L2 button to perform the flair shot or the LT button on Xbox.

Q. Who has the highest shot power in FIFA 23?

A. By shooting stats in the game, Ronaldo is the king! Harry Kane and Erling Haaland are right after him, along with Robert Lewandowski in fourth and Kylian Mbappé in fifth.